Follow Along

I have recently been invited to follow along in an on line Bible Study through Yahoo Groups. I have never really done this before but am challenged to joining along but more importantly, challenged to grow spiritually and make better choices for myself.

We are studying the book of Proverbs and what a great book to study. It is full of poetic wisdom and tools for learning how to avoid the destructive path that you might be traveling.

Today after reading the first chapter, I am memorizing chapter 1:10. Easy to remember but as suggested by my friend Jennifer Slattery,”…I will:
1) Repeat it five times during the day
2) Write it twice a day
3 Pray it; asking God to help me memorize it

If you would like to follow along, we are not so bent on doing this study one particular way. We are just a group of people wanting to follow along, grow, encourage, and for me, watch what God unfolds into my life.

Many blessings and a very Happy New Year. <


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