Good Year Blimp

2013-01-04_10-28-09_857Whose Steps Are You Following
I am heading to the doctor today. I just can’t quite figure out why my whole body is swelling now and I have ached and pains. I am taking the medications prescribed and trying to eat right. I am holding so much water. It hurts. I feel like the Good Year Blimp.

I prayed this morning about my memory verse about not being enticed by others to do things that I know are not right for me. I’m not talking about the huge things in life that we all know are bad for us. I’m talking about the subtle things like gossip, hateful thoughts, hurtful words and a judging disposition.

When I am not feeling well, I can easily do all of the above and today, I am not feeling well. I’m scared about this swelling more than anything, although my CAT scan and Echocardiogram  was fine. What in the world is it? Whatever it is, I have no right to become hateful or hurtful.

Yesterday I was looking for another job to supplement my income when God brought me back to the words TRUST and FOLLOW. I say I trust him but do I really when I’m not staying on his perfectly designed path? I also meditated on Matthew 6:33 but started with the 2nd half of verse 32: your heavenly Father already knows all of your needs, and he will give you all you need from day-to-day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern. NLT

Okay, V8 slap across the head. I get it. Be still, trust and follow Beth. Stop trying to take control.

Whose footsteps are you following today? Have you taken the time to ask God about your path today? I encourage you to do so  and if you have the desire and time, join us in studying the book of Proverbs on Yahoo Groups. Hopefully I’ll see you there.



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