Turkey Soup for My Soul

Turkey Soup for My Soul


I had a couple of rough days this week but nothing that a good ole bowl of turkey soup couldn’t fix especially from a wonderful, caring, big hearted friend.

Last Thursday I had some outreach to do and upon returning back at the library, I noticed a little brown oily bag sitting upon my shelf. I placed my things down and read the attached note; Beth this was delivered about 3:00 from your BFF Jenny. She said to feel better. It smelled yummy. All of my coworkers were showing up like vultures waiting to pounce upon the package. We could all smell the wonderful scent from within.

There, in the little greasy brown bag was a covered bowl of warm turkey soup with a little container of apple sauce; and, it was all gluten free. The smell was luring me in but I had just had lunch so I opted to roll up the bag and just admire the note.

My BFF Jenny has gone through a lot over the last year or so and without sharing any private details, let me say, in my opinion, she has endured some very trying times; times in which I would personally have caved, crumbled and isolated myself. She has been an inspiration to me. When I call her, or walk over to her house with great intentions to chat about her and pray with her, she inspires me and encourages me.

We met at our community pool four years ago. From there our relationship has allowed us to share many cups of coffee together. We’ve hit some restaurants together, taken walks together, watched Chick Flick movies together and each one of those times spent with her, has been a true blessing.  When I feel like no one else seems to understand me, she does.

Jenny became my chauffeur when I had three terrible migraine headaches. They were crippling headaches that brought us to the local emergency room at 6:00 a.m. and on one of those visits, I threw up in her car. What did she do? Rubbed my back, held my hand, and practically carried me.

She is an Angel. I have been able to return some love in my own special way, but this is really about her. For all of my praying friends out there, if you would just say a prayer for my BFF Jenny; I would appreciate it and I know she would too.

If you have a BFF or someone special that is struggling right now, bring them a bowl of home-made turkey soup for their soul.


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