A Stranger Passing Through revised…

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The strangest thing happened today. I was upstairs doing some writing, my husband downstairs watching TV when all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. We NEVER have the doorbell ring and if it were one of our kids, they would just walk in. I immediately thought it was a door-to-door solicitor and figured my husband can handle it.

Well, the dog was barking like crazy and I hear the front door open. There was a young mans voice coming from downstairs. I heard, “Ah man, I didn’t expect you to invite me into your home.”  With my eyebrows crinkled, I started getting really curious as to who was in my living room and what did he want.

Next thing I know, my husband dashes up the stairs, two steps at a time; must be nice to have long legs, but anyhow, he asks me for the phone charger. He grabs it and flies down the stairs. Okay, I stop writing in the middle of a sentence and make my way down the stairs. Low and behold, there is this bald-headed young man sitting in my living room, drinking a glass of water talking a mile a minute.

Within a half an hour, he told us he spoke two different languages, had his business degree, car broke down on North Oak Trafficway, (8 to 9 miles from us), was divorced but was here visiting his X-wife, father was a doctor but owned a limousine service, um, used to work at a tattoo parlor, travels by plane all of the time, is trying to get his Masters Degree, has a dog and much more than that.

First of all, I have to tell you, my husband has a HUGE heart. He will help anyone that he feels needs the help. He’s been in very low places himself in life so he just has that huge, compassionate heart. While his heart is bursting out of his shirt, I’m getting upset because he didn’t offer a “bottle” of water instead using one of my glasses. Yea, okay, pretty petty Beth. But that’s what I am at times. I would never have a stranger put their germs on my glasses.

I thought for sure this young man was giving us all sorts of fibs because by golly, he had on brown pants and a black blazer. He didn’t match! What does that have to do with anything? Well, my mother always taught me that you don’t mix brown with black and you certainly don’t wear black dress shoes with brown pants with gray socks! If they dress like that then they are up to no good. So surely this man was up to no good. And…he had on dark sunglasses and never took them off. It’s CLOUDY out. Really the whole non-matching clothing has nothing to do with anything other than me judging him.

My heart was becoming anxious and the more my heart beat, the more my husband chatted with him.  So I hurry the conversation along and say, “So do you need to be somewhere?” He replies that if he could use his cell phone, which was hooked up to MY charger, he would call his x-wife and have her call a cab or pick him up. Now, I’m not that great with my phone but at that point I was willing to pull up taxi services in the Kansas City area. As my fingers were starting to slide on my phone screen when my husband blurts out, “I’ll give you a lift.” WHAT? I could feel the fumes coming from my nostrils and I down right started to have a panic attack. Was he crazy? What was he thinking? I couldn’t find a way to get him in the other room to tell him how crazy he was and that there was no way I was going to let him risk his life. But I never got the opportunity. They were gone in a flash.

HOLY THUMP! Ouch! God taps me on the head and says, “Would you allow your husband to do what I’ve called him to do please?” Next thing I know, husband, man and glass of water are loading up in husband’s car. They take off and I immediately head out for a walk to clear my head. While walking I hear sirens. I immediately start to anxiously chat with God. “Oh God, don’t take him. Don’t allow him to have his wisdom clouded by his big heart. I need him. I am not ready.”When I reach my house my cell rings. “Hi honey; I figured you were probably having some sort of panicky dialect with God right about now so I knew I needed to call you and tell you that I’m fine, the man is fine, he made a call in some foreign language and I’m on my way back.”

Tears filled my eyes. Shame filled my heart. Sadness filled my body and the love I have for my husband grew stronger. When he walked in the door, I hugged him, not wanting to let him go. All I said was, “Next time can you offer a bottled water rather than one of our glasses?” Okay folks, I still have a way to go with my attitude.

Lord, thank you for this stranger passing through. I am so thankful that you allowed me to once again see the good in my man. I am so thankful that you used him to plant a seed, bless a man and you brought him home safely. May I honor and cherish him all the days of my life. Amen.

2 thoughts on “A Stranger Passing Through revised…

  1. Jennifer Slattery January 28, 2013 / 2:52 pm

    This is beautiful on so many levels, but I gotta say, I LOVE your husband. (Okay, not love, because I’ve got my own handsome, wonderful man. 😉 But you know what I mean.) It sounds like your husband GETS you, knows you, accepts and totally RECEIVES you, and shows you Christ-like love. AWESOME! Second, I love how God can slice through any of our thoughts, fears, whatever, pull us out of whatever fleshly activity we are engaged in, and place us smack-dab in His loving plan. But I totally get your anxiety. 😉 I think I’d be biting my nails if my husband did that, and I’m a germaphobe that never bites nails. 😉

    Great God story!


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