Inserting Words



Why is it that those we love the most we feel we can say whatever we want? I don’t get it! Not only do I not get it, I am one of them. There are times that I am so stressed out that I spew whatever is on my mind without thinking of what I’m saying. I always blame it on my father’s genes. Even my mom will confirm that I have my father’s temper or my father’s way of letting people know exactly how I feel.

Funny though, I think as I get older, I tend to shy from spewing. I think some of that comes from being hurt badly in return from the ones that I have loved the most in life. Spewing words are so hurtful. I think all of this give and take of harmful words comes from FEAR. Let’s face it, we all struggle with fear. I think fear is MY worst enemy. I fear my lab work. I fear my kidneys are failing. I fear that one of my kids will get sick and need me and I won’t be able to be there to help them. I fear of financial losses through this time of working part time. I fear as my mother ages my time with her is limited because of our distance. I fear that my fears will cause even more health issues and those are just a few fears that I am CURRENTLY battling with. We all have them and although we may share similar fears or have totally different fears, we all respond differently.

That brings me to the beginning sentence. Why is that those we love the most we feel we can say or respond with whatever we want to? Today I was reading in Proverbs chapter 15, and got caught up on two verses.



Both of these verses are highlighted and circled in my Bible. Obviously I have needed help with this in the past and I still need help. I don’t want to allow my fears to control my tongue. I don’t want my fears to allow me to hurt others around me by my spewing, harmful words.

I also say things in a silly way thinking that they are funny but guess what? I’m the only one that is laughing and I’m laughing because I am scared. I was joking with the lab technician this morning and she said, “Man you like to giggle don’t you.” I replied with, “Ya it helps me to not deal with what is really going on inside of me.” She reassured me that laughter is good for the soul. I agree but not at the expense of someone’s feelings. Again, we can reflect on the two above scripture verses.

Are you spewing? Do you have diarrhea of the mouth? I hate that phrase but it’s really a good way of describing what happens. We have those uncontrollable words flying out of our mouths. How about you join me today; let’s try and insert words into lives that speak love and joy.


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