Bible Study


Studying the Bible can be overwhelming at times. Unless I’m in an organized group, I fall flat on my face, and that’s not in prayer. I get more out of God’s Word by studying with an on line group or a local group. I get more excited when hearing the feedback from others and I love meeting new people. There’s just something about women’s groups that warms my heart. I love the tears we share, the laughter we share and of course, the food we share. Studying together bonds us as sisters in Christ.

Recently I joined my first on-line study group. I have to admit that I had reservations about this. I didn’t think I would stay as committed and thought I would skim through the study. I was way wrong! I love booting up my computer to see our leaders face smiling at me and sharing the lesson as well as always ending with some very thought provoking questions. I have met people from all over the states in this group and I love the stories we all share. This particular study is coming to a close at the end of this month, but I think we will all stay close and continue to share thoughts with each other. Most of us are bloggers so we do visit with each other. I don’t like to see the study come to a close though and hopefully we will start another.

Just two weeks ago, I was invited to join a Wednesday morning Women’s Bible study by a sweet co-worker. I gave it some thought and prayer and decided to join. I have the time right now in life, so why not? This group of ladies has been studying together for years so I was not sure how they would react to a “newbie.” Well, my first step into the hostess’s house, I felt overwhelmed with peace and love. Ladies of all ages were hugging me, shaking my hand, offering me a beverage and just visiting with me. I knew I was in the right place. I love the way they begin by visiting with a snack, then opening with singing songs, and then they dig into the lesson. The first day I went, I had to leave early and they all took the time to stop the lesson, lay hands on me and pray for my kidney biopsy. I have not had someone lay hands on me and pray over me in years. When I left, I sat in the parking lot and sobbed; I felt so filled with love.

I’m in a hungry stage right now with my walk with God. I want more. I crave more of Him and more of the Word. I don’t think God placed me home just to get well; Oh no, there’s much more to it. He wants me to commune with Him and be ready for the marvelous things he has for me.

When I study the Bible on my own, I have to admit that I have times where I can’t focus, or I don’t understand what the passage is saying. So here is a little guideline that I’ve recently incorporated into my study time.Holding Glasses over Bible

1)    I pray before I read. I ask God to open my eyes and heart to what He wants to reveal to me.

2)    I read the passage slowly a couple of times. Sometimes I read it out loud.

3)    If I need to, I read the study notes and commentary so that I can fully understand the meaning of the text.

4)    Sometimes I read the verses before and after so that I can understand the full theme going on.

5)    I meditate and write down my thoughts. I’m a writer, so this is easy for me but for those of you, who don’t like to write, at least meditate on the scriptures and allow God to speak to you.

God is going to reveal what He wants you to learn. I encourage you to join a group. If you’re not ready, please share with me what you’re reading and what God is showing you through His word. I’d love to hear from you.


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