Tribute to My Kids


Job Well Done


Once again I am calling on my faith and trust. I have a 19 year old daughter, Emma that has been on her own in Kansas at college for a couple of years. Things have not gone the way that she planned. Some harsh things that have happened to her are due to circumstances and others are due to poor decisions. I understand that. I get it. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

Well, within the next few weeks she will be letting go of her life where she lives, in Kansas and will be joining her older sister, Shannon in Indiana. I know this is NOT an easy decision but she’s been left high and dry by some awful room-mates that took advantage of her. She’s had to drop out of college and work two jobs just to keep up with the demands of her life. She damaged her car and was unable to afford to fix it therefore she has been walking to work every day. She took on a second job and walks there as well.

She needs a fresh start. It is going to be very hard for her because she has to sell some things and make sure someone will take her horse and her dog. She’s had a horse her whole life and this will be the first time without one. This is going to be by far the hardest step.

I could easily have thrown the poor choices that she’s made in her face but she’s only 19. Instead I reminded her that we all grow from our mistakes and that we all make them and still do. I also reminded her of how much God loves her and how He is opening up doors for her.

Shannon and my son Bud aka Chris, are joining forces to help my daughter with her move. They are driving out to pick her up, pay for her to get out there and get settled. My husband and I will go down to help her when the move comes about. Shannon is so excited because she has wanted family near her for years. She also said though, “I just don’t want to fail her.” I told her that she is providing a roof over her head, a safe place. Love and security. That’s all Emma needs.

Mom’s heart (me) is breaking. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to run down (4 hours away) and pick Emma up and bring her home. She doesn’t want to come back to Kansas City. She has no friends here. I understand that. And…I never felt the calling to bring her home. My heart wants to wrap her up in my arms and keep her here.  This was one of those times that I had to sit still and know God was in control.

I don’t want her to go! That means that all of my kids are very far away. But you know what? It’s not up to me. I can’t hold onto her. I have to let her go and spread her wings and be close to her sister. I see the bond between my two step daughters that live right here in Kansas City. I want my girls to have that opportunity, even if it means letting go. Excuse me if I go wipe my eyes and blow my nose.533293_10150719435283328_690184230_n

My dear Emma, you are going to be fine. I reminded you today and will continue to remind you that God has this one. He knows the plans he has for you; they are not to harm you but to bring
you great hope for a future. My dear Shannon, you will never let her down because you are opening your heart to your sister. God will honor that. My dear Bud, (Chris) thank you for always unselfishly donating your money. You have all made me one proud mom. I love you and thank you for being there for your sister and for me.

Dear God, please watch out for Emma. Please help her with this transition; it is going to be very hard for her. Bring the right people to her that will take her horse and her dogs. I pray that when she gets to Indiana, that she and Shannon will pick up where they left off years ago; before being separated by individual dreams. I pray that you would keep all three of my kids safe. May they hear you say, “Job well done my faithful servants.”


2 thoughts on “Tribute to My Kids

  1. Caren Mitchell February 27, 2013 / 3:50 pm

    All sounds legit to me! God has his hands all over this.


  2. Leslie February 27, 2013 / 9:54 pm

    That’s a beautiful tribute to your kids, and real fine ones they are. I believe as you do that this will be a sister bonding time, and it will be a blessing for both of them to develope an adult relationship with each other. I feel your “mom pains” about letting go and I will trust God to take care it all and ease your pains.


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