Glutton for Gluten

I’m definitely going back to staying away from gluten; or at least staying away from wheat. When I was recently told my one of the doctors that I saw that it would probably be safe to eat a regular diet including whatever foods I wanted, I was thrilled. The news was like a kid in the candy store, WITHOUT supervision.CandyI have become a glutton for gluten. At first when exposed myself to the little gluey protein substance, I noticed oh just a little bloating. However I summed that up to being diagnosed with a nephrodic disease. The more I increased my intake of the gluten/wheat (mostly breads, pasta’s and sugary cakes) the more I started feeling crazy things happening to my body.

My joint pains increased along with some headaches and then I came down with a full-blown sinus infection. None of this is related to the kidney disease. I know my body well enough, we’ve walked together for 50 years. I know what I’m feeling and it is more than the kidney stuff and believe me that’s plenty to deal with on its own. Oh and I failed to mention that my face looks like a teen with hormonal blemishes all over it? Ugh!

Some will say I’m dumb. Some will no doubt call me crazy. Some, and I know which ones you are will even mock me for going back on a GF diet, but I don’t care. I felt healthier when I was off of the stuff. My skin felt better and I had more energy. It will be a challenge again to refrain from the some of the goodies that I’ve come to have a relationship with again but it’s a love/hate relationship.

Today, I will take out the old food-diary and start documenting my symptoms. I will see if my skin clears up; if my achy joints become less painful and if my swelling increases or decreases.  Again, I DO NOT need all of this on top of what I deal with each day having a kidney disease.

So many of you have asked me what it is like having a kidney disease. Well, let me try to explain what I go through each day. When you have worked a long 12 hour day and come home exhausted, that’s how I wake up. Most days I feel like I have the flu, kinda achy in my joints with a little nausea. Most days I have to wear my slippers to work because my feet are so swollen and, I lose my concentration rather quickly. When I walk, I feel like I’m carrying bags of bricks on each legs. I sleep about 9 hours every night and some days I catch a 20 minute nap when I’m able to.

Each morning I have my “chit-chat” with God and each day He reminds me that there is a purpose for all of this . Romans 8:28 reminded me this morning that We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

So, today I stay on the path. I was able to take the time today to watch a video sent to me from a very dear friend of Beth Moore preaching and so now that I have watched it, written my notes, and shed lots of tears, I am going to go take a walk in the beautiful sunshine and listen to God. AND…Wednesday, I will be writing on

My Diagnosis + Satan’s Lies = CAPTIVITY…

Until then, I will remind you like I always try to, that there is purpose in everything.




2 thoughts on “Glutton for Gluten

  1. Caren Mitchell March 5, 2013 / 8:17 am

    You are not crazy. After 50 years who knows your body better than yourself? You shouldn’t worry what others think anyway!


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