Organic Grilling Spice


The other day, I picked up an organic grilling spice and I decided to try it last night.  Since the snow had finally melted, I could actually get to our grill. I put the burgers together and used this new organic grilling spice. I thought for sure since it was organic that it would have a yummy taste; after all, it smelled really good.

There I was at the kitchen counter, singing along with my praise music, patting my burgers together with my new organic spice. I was flattening them out just the way we like them, and stacking them on the platter.

While my husband put them on the grill, I took out the deep fryer, you know, the kind that adds about 200 calories to your meal and hardens your arteries? That’s the one. We don’t use it but maybe once every few weeks. Well, last night I took it out. I opened up the bag of French fries, lowered them into the vegetable oil, (the worst kind to use) and there they were, sizzling away.

I was preparing the table when my husband came in with the hot, grilled burgers. As we sat down to give thanks for our food, and we took our first bite, we both scrunched our faces. EWE!!! That was the worst tasting burger ever! The burgers had a nasty taste.  I’m telling you; this has just not been my week for cooking. First the cardboard left in the crock pot, then the crunchy rice and now the yucky organic grilling spice.burger and fries

I thought since the spice was organic aka, “real-deal” that it would be good for us and taste yummy. I thought it was going to have a real good flavor, after all, it smelled savory. It was a total let down. On the other hand though, the French fries were fantastic and they were the worst food for us. They were crispy, golden brown with just the right amount of crunch and salt. So, let me sum this up. The FAKE was great and the ORGANIC REAL DEAL was yucky.

Well, it got me thinking about people who do not know who Christ is, or what salvation is all about. It’s the people who live for the here and now, who live for the FAKE possessions; they think their things are yummy. But what about me? I am saved. He is the REAL DEAL to me. Salvation is REAL. But am I showing the lost the difference? Am I acting like the REAL thing or am I walking around being FAKE? I can think of how many times I fail to follow through with what God has asked of me; or times when He tells me to keep my mouth shut and I start to blab away. Am I showing the lost that I’m FAKE or ORGANIC?

Boy cooking has really made me measure my walk for God. Isn’t it ironic how God can take a simple thing like a yucky Organic grilling spice and remind me of how I should be acting around the un-saved? Maybe that’s the writer in me who always sees opportunities to write from experiences and this week’s cooking adventures have really given me a lot of “food for thought.”

Dear God, Help me to be bolder in my witness and not be afraid to show my real salvation in Christ. I pray that I don’t walk around acting fake. When I am not saying things that would reflect who I am in you; please bring me to my knees in forgiveness.

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God

How do you keep from falling short of what God desires? When you are in public, do your actions reflect who you are in Christ? Let’s talk about it.





2 thoughts on “Organic Grilling Spice

  1. Linda March 16, 2013 / 9:05 am

    “Food for thought” indeed! 🙂


  2. Beth Farley March 16, 2013 / 10:46 am

    LOL, I love how God works my mind…:) Happy Saturday


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