How Does God Grab Your Attention


Towards the end of the spring of 2012, my spirit began to stir. I was unhappy at work and wasn’t sure if it was me, my female hormones acting up or if God was trying to grab my attention. I had just finished doing some major house renovations and had just gotten married. Oh not to mention, I had turned that glorious age of 50. Now, I know when God is up to something; He SLOWS me down. I either become ill or I become depressed. So, I began to pray and more importantly I began to listen.

By the time early fall rolled around, I became really sick. I went to my doctor and she ordered some blood tests. When the results came back, apparently my cholesterol was sky high and my vitamin D was way low. I asked if I could try regulating my cholesterol with proper food and diet first. She agreed to it knowing I was pretty good at managing my health concerns without medication. So there I was, eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I was no longer eating any fat and my calorie intake was about 1300 a day. I also took on more walking and swimming during the summer. However, I was not feeling any better. I was extremely exhausted and my legs were beginning to swell.

When late fall hit, I was incredibly tired and my legs got worse. I started to have edema with pitting. For those of you who do not know what that is, pitting edema is when you apply pressure to the swollen area and an indention persists for some time after releasing the pressure.  I went back to the doctor feeling defeated. She felt it was necessary to put me on cholesterol medication and I told to get some “ted hose” and see if that would help. Two weeks later, I had a massive headache that landed me in the emergency room. Then two weeks after that, I had another one. The emergency room doctor said I had an acute case of sinusitis and suggested that I follow up with an ENT. So, I did just that; I went to an ENT who thought I had some sort of trigeminal neuralgia and then I was also told to see an allergist. I made an appointment with a great allergist who started allergy shots. In less than two weeks, I was back in the emergency room with another massive headache. I was starting to miss a lot of work, getting more tired as time went by and becoming very discouraged.

I was sent to a rheumatologist because I lost a patch of hair and had a strange rash on my scalp and forehead. I also had a huge lump behind my ear. He didn’t think I had rheumatoid arthritis and sent me to a Nephrologist because my blood work showed my protein level was way off and there was protein in my urine. By January, I had a kidney biopsy and was finally diagnosed with a kidney disease. I could go on and on about how many tests and doctor’s I had to see in order to get a true diagnosis, but the purpose of this article is to share with you my journey with God and a great book I read along the way.

I was trying to maintain 40 hours a week at work, trying to keep up with my doctor appointments and getting various tests done and was unable to keep up. Finally through much prayer and obedience to God, I heard Him loud and clear telling me to work at the library part time and write from home part time. I had all sorts of doubting questions for God. “God, what if I fail? God, how do I subsidize my income? God, what if I get bored and lonely? God, what if they won’t let me go part time? God, what do I do about my health insurance?” The questions went on and on for days and weeks. Finally, I took a huge leap of faith, talked to my boss and by December of 2012 I was working part time.

Here I am, three months later, writing for the Lord, working part time at the library and starting to feel a little better. I have a road ahead of me with my health, but I am so thankful that God didn’t give up on me and that I took the time to listen. So, I’m not making any money, but oh how God has opened doors for me in areas that I never thought would be possible. I still have my health coverage. I am still working part time in a job that I love and I am writing for all sorts of places. I am never at a loss for words. Thank you God for the gift of gab.

Let me tell you how I got here though. The first week that I started to write, I felt all confident and good.  I had my office all set up. I had my desk cleared off. I had a nice lamp above my desk. My laptop was on top of my desk and my notebook to the side. I’ve never been one for a loss of words so I just started writing. But then as I set out to start a blog, I became so frustrated. I was failing big time. I must confess, I do NOT like technology. I was so frustrated. What is a gravitar? What is a widget? What is an rss feed and how do I post my blog?  Before you knew it, my laptop was closed and I was crying. If I can’t even figure out my new crock pot, how in the world am I going to stay at home and become a successful writer? Are you sure God?

As a librarian I have some great access to resources right at my fingertips.  So, I did some searching and gathered some books to help me out. I spent day’s just reading, jotting down notes and making a list of the books I wanted to buy for my own library. I was finally starting to grasp a little bit of what I needed to know and obtain to run a successful writing business from home. Oh, and I have mastered my new crock pot as well.

One of the best books I read and ended up buying a copy for myself was a book by Glynnis Whitwer, Work @ Home; A Practical Guide for Women Who Want to Work from Home. Glynnis has a degree in journalism and Public Relations from Arizona State University. She is currently on the staff at Proverbs31 Ministries. How she got there is a story that I would like to share with you, but let me first tell you that she has a huge heart. Every time I have submitted an article for possible publication to Proverbs31 Ministries, she has been so kind to guide me even when I have not followed all of the guidelines. I found her tenderness to leap off of my computer screen and into my heart. Thank you, Glynnis.

If you are thinking of working from home I would suggest this book. It is full of practical insight. Glynnis started working from home since 1998 and her husband since 2005. She learned so much along the way; it was put upon her heart to share in her book. Glynnis joined Proverbs 31 Ministries volunteer in 1998.  I asked Glynnis how she ended up there and she said, “I joined Proverbs 31 as a volunteer in 1998.  My family had moved to Charlotte and God orchestrated me connecting with Lysa TerKeurst at church.  I heard her on the radio the week after meeting her at church, and I heard God tell me to call her and volunteer my services.  I called her that day and told her I had a degree in journalism and was wondering if she needed any volunteers.  She said, “We’ve been praying for someone with a degree in Journalism.”  I started volunteering the next week and a year later went on staff as their magazine editor from home.” to find other resources and be able to follow her. You won’t be let down.


If you are interested in reading the book or any of the other books that Glynnis has written, you can go to her web site


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