I know. I’m about to post another book review with my thoughts but I’ve been on a kick of reading more than writing lately. Sorry.
have always been fascinated with the people who fasted in the Bible. I’ve heard about fasting, I’ve known people who have fasted and have listened with bated breath as to what they experienced when they fasted.
I had thought about doing a fast because I’ve been spiritually hungry lately but it was just a thought; nothing that I prayed about nor gave any serious consideration about. To be honest with all of the medical conditions I’ve experienced over the last year, the last thing I wanted to do was give up more food or change my diet too much.
The other day, when I was at work, roaming through the stacks at the library, I found a book shelved out-of-place. I picked it up, looked at the title Fasting; Spiritual Freedom Beyond Our Appetites by Lynne M. Baab and looked up at God and said, “Really.”
Everyone is hungry for something. Our culture is full of advertisements to lure you in. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes its money, sometimes its drugs or alcohol. Let’s face it, many of us are struggling with cravings of the mind and body and can’t escape them.
Can you image if you were being told to fast from something by God? Would you be obedient or would you say, “Me? How? I can’t do that.” Fasting means voluntarily denying something for a specific amount of time; for example, you might have to fast before a blood test to get an accurate reading. This means, you have to give up all food and liquids, before the blood is drawn.
But, for the Christian, fasting is deeper. Fasting is for a spiritual purpose and Lynne Baab makes the case that anyone can do it in her book.In this book you will discover that fasting does not just mean abstaining from food. It’s more than that. It’s giving up of something you love in order to discover things about yourself and God and the world around you.
I have recently been in a time of spiritual hunger and by reading her book, I have been educated as to what a true fast is and how anyone really can do it. This book also gives you instructions (if you want to partake) in questions to ask yourself for reflection, journaling ideas and discussion if you chose to read this book as a group. I really enjoyed it. I read it at a very pivotal time in my life and it humbled me.
If you want to learn more about fasting from a Christian perspective, I would suggest this book. As always, if you have any health issues, consult your physician before taking on a “food fast.”

“And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications,

with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes: And I prayed unto the Lord God,

and made my confession… ”  Daniel 9:34


2 thoughts on “Fasting

  1. evefulton April 18, 2013 / 7:02 am

    Thanks for the recommendation – have ordered this for my Kindle and look forward to reading it.


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