What Defines You?

I hope as I lay this into print before you, that you take some time to really think about this as I did.

What defines a person? Is it their salary? Is it their huge home, fancy cars or frequent vacations?

Are we defined by our Associates, Bachelor or Masters degrees; possibly even our Doctorate degree?

Are we defined by our designer clothes, our finely manicured fingers and toes or our perfume scent?nails

Are we defined by our waist size, bicep size or even chest size?

Are we defined by working in the nursery, children’s church, Awana, or even PTA?

Do any of these categories define you? Do they float through your mind from time to time? They can me; I can get wrapped up in allowing the world to define me. I am a wife, mother, step-mother, daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt, grandmother, friend, coworker, librarian, tax payer, patient, student and the list goes on and on. What’s sad though is that in the mundane of life, I can easily forget about what Jesus did for me on the cross that really defines me. I’m a sinner just like you and we have been saved by the blood of Christ.  cross

I read a blog today about a woman who has been suffering from vertigo for many years. Her blog was such a reminder that we can trust the hands of the potter to transform the clay. http://lynn-severance.blogspot.com. This touched my heart because I am struggling with defining who I am. But whatever I am, I know that I can trust the potter to transform the clay into what He desires.

Lord, I love you and I thank you so much that Jesus loved me enough to die for my sins. I am sorry for the sins that lurk in me but am thankful that your grace is new every day. I thank you for this new blog I read, reminding me that you are transforming me every day and it’s a work in process. I pray for anyone that is struggling with any sort of illness, whether physical or mental, that you would touch their bodies today. Give them hope when they feel hopeless. Give them strength when they feel weak. All in Jesus’ Name … Amen.

By the way, so many of those things above are good and it’s okay to get your toes and finger done. I am not saying anything negative about any achievements one might have obtained or any committee or ministry they might serve on or even any pampering they might desire. Just remember to do everything for God’s glory; not your own and remember if you were stripped of everything, your pretty nails, fancy house, luxury vehicles, you would still be defined as Christ’s child.


2 thoughts on “What Defines You?

  1. Lynn Severance April 16, 2013 / 11:34 am

    Beth – what a privilege to have you post my “Potter’s Wheel” blog post onto your great site here. I just signed up to get your notices! I love what you are sharing here.

    Feel free to sign up via the email box on my blog it you want to get notices. I only write when God inspires me and I never know when that will happen. As you read, my blog posting was a link up with writing I do for Rest Ministries. I am not sure how you found me, but I am glad we found each other!

    God bless!


    • Beth Farley April 16, 2013 / 11:42 am

      Yes, I found you on Rest Ministries. I have a kidney disease although it’s treatable, there are days I just want to stay in bed because it causes so many other things. Bla bla bla.
      I did sign up for your posts from your blog and I too only write when God prompts me. I love to write and I love to share my love of Christ and my shortcomings. I know that sounds odd, but I want all to know that I sin just like they do; I fail just like they do but the Potter is always at the wheel.


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