We Need Eachother


Last night I called a couple of gals to see if they could meet me for coffee this morning. I felt like God was prompting me to start a Care & Share. What I think that means, is to get together and share each other’s hurts and then, care enough to pray for them. I also knew that I needed the fellowship. Care & Share is something that I’m praying on. I don’t know what God wants me to do with it just yet.??????????????yPicture compliments of my daughter Emma. These are hands reaching out to others.

I called one gal up and said I was on my way to get her but wasn’t sure of her house. She said she would stand outside and wait. I immediately said, “No! It’s raining and cold.” She replied, “It’s not that bad.” I said, “Don’t you just hate the rain and cold?” She replied, “No. It makes everything grow. The grass is growing and green is my favorite color.” She totally turned a yucky thing  into a poetic sentence or two.

So, we got to Caribou, got our coffee, sat at the table with our Bibles, notebooks and highlighters and went to town. I shared a devotion about being content which spiraled into being content and finding the balance. I was so blessed in the two hours that I spent with these gals. I went armed to minister and I ended up being ministered to.

We need each other. We have to reach out to each other when we are down and pull each other up. The enemy is so powerful and would like nothing more than to make us isolated; wallowing in our own issues but God’s intention is just the opposite. In our times of wanting to isolate and flounder in the pit of life, He wants us to call out for help and lift each other up, and pray for each other. We need to be helping hands.

               Lord, I pray that we all find time for each other. I pray that we see needs around us and we not neglect your nudge to act. I pray that we would be empathetic towards others that hurt and hurt right alongside with them. I thank you Sweet Jesus for my new friends. Thank for reminding the three of us that You are our lamp; the LORD who illuminates our darkness. 2 Sam: 22:29.


2 thoughts on “We Need Eachother

  1. Debi April 18, 2013 / 4:16 pm

    Care and Share – I love it!


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