Happy Mother’s Day

Don’t forget to call mom. Don’t forget that card. Don’t forget to say “I love you.” If your mom has passed away, take a moment to remember all of the good times and conversations. If you don’t have much of a relationship with your mom, don’t forget to forgive her. Below is a poem I wrote many years ago. I pray that all of you who are mothers have a blessed Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Poem 


A mother is a piece of heaven,

Where love and security abide,

All those who come into contact with her,

Will find peace, joy and warmth inside. 

She’s often on her knees in prayer,

Petitioning for her family needs,

Trusting the Father hears her cry,

Ensuring her in His path, He leads. 

A mother reigns like a queen of grace,

Where her voice rings with heartwarming laughter,

She keeps the family in perfect harmony,

To keep their home a “happily ever after.”


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