Necklace of Pride

What do we do when life just doesn’t go the way we think it should? In Psalm 73 the psalmist sees how the wicked prosper, and struggles with that. I know people who do not even know God who are prosperous; they have so much. I must ask then, do they have the most important thing of all? Do they have God in their lives?

With the economy the way is we do not know if tomorrow will hold what we have today and in psalm 73:11 the psalmist is bothered by the fact that the wicked are prospering and enjoying health and security, but they arrogantly dismiss God. Have you ever witnessed the arrogant or wicked prospering while disregarding God? I have. I see so much of it and more now than ever.

How should we react? Should we be prideful because we hold salvation in our palms and they do not? Vs 6…Therefore pride is their necklace. This little nugget speaks to me because I’m a bling-kind-of-gal! I have some fun cheap pieces and I have some very special ornate pieces that were necklacemy grandmothers. I wear bling every day, even when I’m sitting around, I will put something on if not more than just a something…Now when I put a necklace on, it makes me think of my pride. Good reminder….Get it in check Beth….I love how God uses the ordinary in my life to speak to me.

So I ask again, what do we do? Vs 13…Do you ask yourself, did I purify my heart and wash my hands in innocence for nothing? Do you feel at times you’ve kept your own heart pure only to still struggle? Look to verse 17…I love this…when I try to understand all of this, it seemed hopeless, UNTIL I entered God’s sanctuary. Why do you think this act helped the psalmist? In ancient Israel, the temple represented God’s presence. We have that very same privilege of entering God’s presence 24/7. We do not have to go to a church though or any other building. We just have to be still and enter His courts with praise.meditating

How will you enter into God’s presence today? When there, will you let your necklace of pride, your frustration of the wicked prospering and the anxiety of tomorrow drag you down or will you give it to Him? Remain and Reclaim God as your Most High and Almighty. P91.


3 thoughts on “Necklace of Pride

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