Time With Poppy Smith

Recently I had the opportunity and privilege of interviewing author and speaker, Poppy Smith. She delighted me with her fun personality and thought-provoking style of writing. With her practical how-to applications, it made me want to follow God all that much more. As I’m into my 50’s, sighing, one book in particular I gravitated to was, I’m Too Young to Be This Old. You can read the full article in Book Fun Magazine @ www.bookfun.org, April 2013 edition. This book along with God’s new calling on my life helped me cope with the struggles of being an empty nester and launching my writing from home. It helped me come to grips with my age and my health and reminded me of God seasons of change in my life. It helped me turn some old thought patterns into new and alive inspirations.

Poppy is a former Bible Study Fellowship Teacher with a Masters in Spiritual Formation. She is also an award-winning author and has written six books to help readers live spiritually successful and fulfilling lives. Poppy is British, grew up in England, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Kenya. Her husband is an American and her complete opposite. You can learn more about Poppy on her web site: www.poppysmith.com.You can also read her personal journey for ministering to the hurting, struggling, and spiritually hungry. Don’t we all want to be able to do this as Christians? I know as a more-mature Christian woman, aka, a 50+ year old woman, I want to minister to those around me that struggle with depression/anxiety and those living in emptiness when their flock leaves the nest. Poppy’s personal emails to me and her books have helped me along this journey of my life. Thank you Poppy.

Poppy’s Books:

  • Why Can’t HE Be More Like ME?
  • Reaching Higher
  • I’m Too Human to Be Like Jesus
  • I’m Too Young to Be This Old

            Poppy’s Bible Studies:

  • Wisdom for Today’s Woman-Insights from Esther
  • Speaking Wisely-Exploring the Power of Words

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