What does that word mean? According to Webster Dictionary, affirmation means:

1.   The act of affirming   or the state of being affirmed; assertion.

2.   Something declared to   be true; a positive statement or judgment.

3.   Law A solemn declaration given in place of   a sworn statement by a person who conscientiously objects to taking an oath.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

I am going to do something a little different with my blog for a couple of days, possibly weeks. I want to share my love of jotting down, doodling into your journal and downright writing to heal through some things that I’ve learned over the years. Today I especially want to share with you on how to affirm yourself. Do you have any affirmations about yourself and if you do, what do you personally do to remind yourself daily? I have my own personal affirmations that I’ve jotted down and purposely remind myself almost daily. Unfortunately my brain is wired to wrench myself down rather than boost myself up. Some people clip their list of affirmations to their refrigerator. I would totally miss the list as when I open the refrigerator door, only one thing is on my  mind, Yesterday’s left-over’s. So what do I do? I post my affirmations in two places. One is right at my desk. When I write, I tend to tell myself that I’m not good enough, no one will accept this proposal or query and I just don’t have what it takes. But now, when I look at my little list of affirmations, I begin to write from my soul, leaving it out there to inspire others.

This is my list. I am…

  • Kind                      loved
  • Special                  gifted
  • Forgiven               complete
  • Giving                   deserving
  • Whole                   rare




Now stop reading this blog for a few minutes and make your list. Go on. I’ll wait! Okay, now that you’ve made your list, now look at it and jot down or ask God… I am loved because…God sent His son Jesus to die for my sins. God has blessed me with kids that love me no matter what. God has blessed me with my mother who loves me unconditionally and God has given me a husband that affirms his love for me every day. I am loved because I love who I am, whom Christ has created me to be. This is NOT the time where you end your affirmation sentence with BUT…I’m impatient, opinionated bla bla bla…Expand on your goodness.


Until we accept the fact that life itself is founded in mystery we shall learn nothing. Henry Miller

Our lives are mysterious. We don’t know when we will cry, laugh, or be angry. What we can be sure of is that God’s love never ends for us. Please take some time today to keep looking at those affirmations. There is a category in my life now for certain things that I’ve come to accept. They are the items that are filled under the category of “things that are meant to be”. The number one thing that is mean to be is God’s love for me and my love for Him and others.

Tomorrow I will be writing about achieving the impossible. We all have had moments where we thought life itself was impossible. Life is full of mysteries and challenges. We will gather here at my blog and hopefully you will bring your pen and paper. I will share how to journal your thoughts on how to achieve your impossible. As for today, I would love to hear about how you remind yourself of your affirmations, your goodness and take your oath today that you will not go down the road of negatives.


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