A Love Affair

I had an affair this past week. How can I do such a thing? It drew me in. It called my name. I became one with it, entangles, twisted and mesmerized by its unbelievable beauty. It is called Maine. I was able to spend a few days at my mother’s camp in Maine this week and it took me to a place that was needed to be taken. The crystal clear lake has a way of attracting every bit of my attention. It reminds me that everything will be great.  I stare down at the little ripples, gaze upon the rocks. I’m meditating.  My breath has slowed down and although this is a temporary time, it is sweeping me away into a connection with my Divine’s unconditional love for me. It has calmed my mind. Damaged kidneys? What kidneys? Our struggles with finances; what is that? I am in a place that is creating an awareness of the significance of accepting my manifestations with absolute love. I know that all will be well because it IS well with my soul.

I’m back! Joy and sadness in one! One day at a time. I cannot look back and grieve over the past week; it’s gone. I cannot worry about the future, for it has not come. I can live in the present and make it so beautiful that I will experience another love affair and create a moment worth remembering.

Thank you for the beautiful week we had in Maine. Thank you God, for the memories that were created around the campfire, in the water, and in the boat while casting the fishing poles. Thank you for the family that surrounded me and reminded me that the best of life is that which I make.

PS: Pictures to follow

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