I’m Too Human to be like Jesus by Poppy Smith

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I’m Too Human to be Like Jesus…

Have you ever experienced seasons in your life where you’re stumbling around feeling frustrated in your spiritual grown? Do you try to measure up to other women because they appear to have it all together? I know there are days where I try to measure up only to realize it is just not possible. Do you feel failure when life’s storms are pulling you under?

Well, in Poppy Smith’s book, “I’m too Human to be Like Jesus: Spiritual Growth for the Not-So-Perfect Woman” I found some very inspiring words of wisdom that changed some thought patterns about myself. Through her honest words, Poppy admits that she too is a not-so-perfect woman herself, and I related to her own personal struggles.  As I began to dig into the chapters of her book, I melted into each page, shedding tears of heavy baggage that I had been carrying around for many years.

I was in denial about my attitude until I read the chapter on changing your attitude.  Yes, I admit, I’ve been known to have a tude from time to time. I can easily get depressed and I can easily blame everyone and everything for my problems.  In reading this chapter, I am able to apply some practical principles in changing my attitude about certain situations. Poppy’s book gave me insight on how I can weather the storm; how I can overcome the depression and more importantly, how I can become more like Jesus. Isn’t that the goal of every Christian? Poppy uses Biblical principles and Biblical stories to show us that our striving to be more like Jesus is a journey and not one piece of it is wasted.ImTooHuman Quote1

At the end of each chapter she includes study questions which I loved because I love to read and reflect. But, the questions would be perfect for a Women’s Study for women of all ages.  Growing spiritually to be more like Christ does not have to be a struggle if you take the principles that Poppy has laid out before you in this book along with allowing the guidance of the Holy Spirit into your quest. I would strongly recommend this book as it helped me reconnect to my life. I will refer back to it over and over again as I left a few questions unanswered. I believe God will take me back to those questions over and over and sweetly whisper the answers into my ear over time.  I would like to give a big thank you to Poppy for writing, I’m Too Human to be like Jesus.


Here’s a bit of background about Poppy:

Born in England to a non-believing family, she grew up there and in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Kenya. She met her American Husband in Nairobi and they soon moved to the United States. The adjustment to her new marriage and new country, combined with loneliness and the loss of all that was unfamiliar brought her to a crisis with God. The resulting change, from anger to acceptance, from fighting God to seeking Him, led her into a life-long love of Scripture and the One it reveals. She subsequently became a Teaching Leader in Bible Study Fellowship, a speaker and author of several books, and she got her Masters in Spiritual Formation and Direction. Her book, Why Can’t HE Be More like Me?, which encourages women to grow, rather than go, if they’re in difficult marriages, won the Golden Scroll Award in 2012 from AWSA. You can read more about her story here: http://www.poppysith.com. Poppy is also an International Speaker and Spiritual Life Coach.


I received a free ecopy for my honest review. All opinions are of my own.

-“Sometimes growing more like Jesus can seem to be frustratingly slow, at a bumbling-around, falling-down and picking-yourself-back-up pace, but inner change can happen. How? Check out Poppy Smith’s ebook, I’m Too Human to Be Like Jesus for answers from a not-so-perfect woman herself: http://amzn.to/12RFQgp
-“Love nonfiction books with room to reflect and small group discussion guides? Read I’m Too Human to Be Like Jesus by Poppy Smith for thoughts on spiritual growth for the not-so-perfect woman: http://amzn.to/12RFQgp

One thought on “I’m Too Human to be like Jesus by Poppy Smith

  1. Lynn Severance July 10, 2013 / 3:36 pm

    Beth – have been waiting for you to be able to post about this book which you mentioned a time ago. It does sound like a real winner! Thanks for the input. 🙂


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