Squiggly Lines


It’s in the squiggly lines of the map. Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of meeting a friend for breakfast just to chat. I love those days where I can make the time for fellowship, laughter and tears with a trusted friend. We talked about where we came from. We went from talking about our roots to actually looking at them via map. She brought her atlas with her so that we could both get a visual. I showed her New Jersey, Maine and Rhode Island. She showed me the Dakota’s and Nebraska. Here we were, having breakfast in a little diner in Missouri, coming from totally different states, talking about our divided hearts from family.

Some days she longs to be with her family that lives so far away and oh boy, so do I. It’s hard when we come home from time spent with family and have to adjust to our routine without them, but that’s exactly what we do; we adjust. I have had the opportunity to live in the mountains, on the ocean, in the suburbs, in a city, on a farm, in an apartment, house, townhouse and farm-house. When we looked again at the map with all of its little lines I thought, every part of this earth is sacred to God. He loves every shining pine needle, every sandy beach, and every mist in the dark forest and every clearing farm land. He loves every humming insect and every squiggly line on that map. We are all HIS and HE loves us.running brook

So when the voice of God thunders in your silence, remember that when He’s talking to you, He’s talking to others as well; He’s that HUGE. The mountain road may tug at your heart, the sandy shore may be calling your feet, and the garden may be calling your hands. Just remember, God is calling your whole. He wants you to renew and rejuvenate yourselves within for Him. Wherever you are, draw near to God and He will draw near to you.shan and alex

Are you traveling this summer; maybe taking a family vacation? If you are, just remember, that in every destination, God is there with you. He is within every squiggly line on your map. Let’s just give Him the glory for summer, vacations, family, friends and anything you want to praise Him for. Beth0408120451

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