What Are You Eating?

Eat this way and not that way! That’s the rage more now than ever. Try the low-carb diet, the Weight Watchers Diet, the Juice Diet, the Paleo Diet, and the many, many more diets. What are we coming to? You can’t be in line at the grocery store without reading things like, Boost your energy naturally, power salads, lower blood pressure, easy refreshing good for you deserts, Eat This Way and Never Diet Again, the #1 Plan to Follow, Light Food That Are Good For You, Lose 10 pounds in two Days, Vegan or Vegetarian…etc…What have we come to? Do we not know how to control ourselves? Obviously we don’t. We need hundreds of magazines with thousands of articles telling us how to lose weight, eat right, cook for healthy living etc.

Hey, I’m a 50-year-old woman who has struggled with her weight since she was in her 40’s and it is NOT easy losing weight especially as you get older. I have tried so many diets and so many of them have failed. Why? Why do we cave into those French fries, burritos or foot long sandwiches with extra sauce? Why is it even when we eat the light chips we feel we can eat the whole bag? No, I’m not talking the little bag either; I’m talking the jumbo size. We are like alcoholics looking for their next drink or smokers waiting to light up. We are addicted to FOOD and all kinds of food. “Hello, my name is Beth and I’m a…food addict.”

How many times have we eaten a meal and walked away feeling stuffed? You know, the kind of stuffed feeling we feel when we eat a Thanksgiving Meal? Hand up if it’s once a week. Hands up if it’s a couple times a week. Hands up if it’s once a day. I would most certainly be the couple to three times a week. My husband would most likely be the once a day. Yup, admitting our eating habits; and they’re not that great. I do eat healthy too. I do eat my veggies and fruit and my legumes etc. But…I will over eat on that too. Listen at my age it’s more important that I just not fit into those skinny jeans, it’s about feeling focused, energized, and in control. Yes, I do want to look good as well.

Is it cravings? Um, no I don’t necessarily go into crave mode. I just forget to stop eating when I’m full. I get so caught up in laughter and conversation around the table that it’s when I finally start to notice the top button of my pants stretching and ready to go pop.  I look down and go“Uh oh, I’m over full.” I need a breakthrough; a release of this ugly beast hovering over me. Now Beth, just rise up and say, “This is my time. This is my time to get a hold of this irrational way of eating and take control.” I hear myself speaking that over my body.

I had a breakthrough today. I asked in faith, “God, help me to make it my time. Help me today to take the steps of faith to pursue new thoughts of eating. Help me to become everything you have created me to be and to realize that this body is YOUR temple and I shall take care of it. I shall value it more and I shall give it to you; every temptation will be given to you. I read once in one of Joel Osteen’s books, not sure which one but it said, “Every setback means you’re one step closer to seeing the dream come to pass.” So today I shake off my past disappointments and create a fresh new vision for my life.

Who’s in with me? Who wants to take control over their eating habits? Who just wants to make a new commitment to themselves and try again? Don’t just sit there and read this while eating some cupcakes, put them down, wash your hands, take a walk and ask God for help. I’m in it with you…all the way baby. I’ve weighed in and get this…I found a little child’s portion plate and that’s what I’m going to use for a while. What are you going to do? Let me know. Share with the readers what is going to work for you to overcome your bad eating habits? I can’t wait to read your victory story.



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