The Slivers and Hours

stressed out moms


It’s that time of year again where we head out to the stores with our never-ending school supply list. We dash through the aisles, get to the check out only to find that we are one glue stick short. From there, we head over to the shoe store, buy all the necessary gym shoes, socks and back packs.

It’s so exciting to see our darling ones off the first day of school. As soon as we gently nudge them out the door, we sit back for a sec., take a deep breath and listen to the silence. We know this moment is short lived as there is a list to attend to.

Hours pass after you’ve clean up after breakfast, vacuumed, dusted, thrown in a few loads of laundry and picked up the dog from the groomer. When you walk in the house kicking the door shut, you load bags of groceries onto the counter while trying to hang onto Fido’s leash. Finally, letting the dog free, you flop into the chair to take a deep breath. Closing your eyes you hear, “Hi mom. What’s for snack?” In come the kids, salivating at the counter for a snack and sharing all about their day. Shoes get kicked off, back packs go flying and in between stories of the teachers and the new bus driver, you hear, “I need a poster board to make a family tree for tomorrow.” Tomorrow, you think. Are they serious? It’s just the first day of school. You quickly tuck the food into the refrigerator drawers, tell the kids to “load up” into the van, head to the store to get the poster board and head back home.

While you see the kids jumping on the trampoline, you start to brown the ground beef for sloppy Joe’s, yea, I know, not the healthiest meal but hey, it’s within budget. One moment you’re  at the stove the next your looking out the window and notice one child’s knee goes flying into the other’s head. You rush outside to check all wounds. Noticing that a knot is forming on the forehead, you instruct everyone to go into the house.

About a half hour has gone by and the fire alarm is going because now the ground beef is black and smoking. Yes, you were cooking on high heat because you needed to get dinner done quicker to allow time to do that poster board project. Ice is applied, burner is turned off and pizza delivery is called. Where was the peace in this day?

Did you know that there are hundreds of books on creating a peaceful home? I was glancing through a book called, “Peaceful Spaces; transform your home into a haven of calm tranquility.” It talks about natural fabrics to soothe your senses. Now I’m not disregarding the fact that having an organized home with soothing colors will emanate calmness, however, calmness comes from within, not through a variety of natural textures that are to deliver a haven of sensory pleasure. I’m just saying.

If I’m not speaking God’s peace into my own life, how will I have it? Not through my fabrics, the angle of my water fountain or how many times I clap along the wall. (Yes people do that). My declaration to myself is that God is supplying my peace. He is my Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord My Provider. He can supply peace within me during a very hectic crazy life. Speak peace into your life today and when you do, that will not only change how you feel, but will change your attitude about your crazy day.DogMeditation

The positive peace can lift your spirit. You can tuck those groceries away, make a snack, dash out with the kids to buy a poster board and create a great family tree project that will bring you all together in a project of peace.

Don’t lose hope. When I was younger I found those slivers of peace in my day. Now that my kids are all grown up and gone from home, I have hours of peace, but I also have hours of lonely time where I reflect on moments past. I thank God for the slivers and the hours.


One thought on “The Slivers and Hours

  1. Linda August 24, 2013 / 5:58 am

    Thank you . . . .I’m hanging on every word. . .peace. .


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