Seeing God in Surprising Places, even in church!

I am a non-denominational woman. I have been to Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Baptist, Assembly of God, Christian church etc. I’ve seen many a-miracles happen in each one. I have seen parishioners prayed for and God met them and their need. I have see kids programs grow and I have hosted many teen revivals where some have accepted Christ. I love CHURCH. I love the music; traditional or contemporary or just the piano; it’s all good. I love a good message preached by a pastor or priest. CHURCH is in my blood and I love to be there.

What I don’t like and frankly am tired of, is hearing the people in church say ignorant things in the name of Christianity and there’s LOTS of that in MANY churches and may I dare to say in EVERY church. I have heard holy rolling preachers who want to burn the Koran, televangelists who claim natural disasters are the will of God and Christians who respond to the pain of a diseased friend with a lecture about behavior. Sometimes this is all discussed while serving in the nursery. Come on folks.
But; what irritates me the most is when a person has ONE bad experience with a church and paints all of Christianity with the same brush. It’s not right. People, please listen to me, you can’t say you want to go to a church like mine but don’t attend. You can’t criticize my church but don’t bother to go to your own. We have become a body that criticizes others’ faith that departs from sound doctrine in favor of easy answers. Okay, confession time…I’ve been there a time or two.
Perhaps you join me in the fight not to criticize others in their faith. There are times I can hardly live up to the best of my own faith. Perhaps the people who have irritated me the most are the ones that have exposed me to my own hypocrisy?
How about you? I know that I can’t do this religion thing by myself. I need the body of Christ, the church community by my side; no criticism, pure love and connection…A place to lay it all down and meet with God. So rather than point fingers at what church is best, let’s just recite a simple little prayer, for peace and thanksgiving:
God is good; God is great let us thank Him for our church!!!

In just a few weeks Pastor Appreciation Month will begin. Be thankful for that seat in which you sit every Sunday. Be thankful that you pastor or priest has been called to do what he does and loves his congregation. Spread some love and be less critical.


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