Are you afraid of being touched? I remember when each one of my children was born and I couldn’t wait to touch them. I loved touching their little fingers and toes. I mean come on, what other bare feet can you stick up to your nose and kiss?


Touching shows affection; we all need that. There are also many other reasons for wanting to be touched but the simplest is that touch heals us. The gentle touch is a relaxing, form of therapy. Gentle touch assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Some say that touching works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. We’ve all known that a nice massage relaxes us, a rub on your shoulders takes the stress away, and the gentle hand holding emanates love.

Jesus touched and healed.  Jesus healed a blind man; He healed the Leper in Galilee; Peter’s mother-n-law sick with fever in Capernaum; Jairus’ daughter, the woman with the blood issue and so much more.  Jesus’ touch is always HEALING.

Beneath all language, touch is the common gesture, the energy that connects all that lives inside of us as well as outside.

Often we are afraid to let others touch us, afraid to let them into our vulnerability being afraid of getting hurt. Touch is the salve we seek for the pains we have. In order to apply the salve, we have to accept the touch. When I think about it; the need to be touched is never really in question, anymore than the question of needing to breathe.

When my sweet dad was on mega doses of morphine before passing away, I just held his hand. I knew he felt the touch of love and allowance to leave this world. I needed the touch as much as I believe he did.

Beneath all of our worries and fears of being hurt or rejected, way deep down there awaits a deep and simple pulse that we need each other; we need a hug, a stroke of a hand, gentle kiss or pat on the back.  When you’re feeling that emptiness inside try to:

  • Enter into your quiet zone with Christ. Allow Him to touch your heart with His Spirit.
  • Allow God to touch on a pain that has been difficult to bear.
  • Take the time to hug someone and be hugged back; family, friends or your furry four-legged friend.


I have a little furry four-legged friend named Peek. She loves to cuddle and snuggle. She is most definitely a lap dog and when in bed, she curls right up to my body. Last night after working on this article, I felt the need to curl up to my husband. No sooner did I get snuggled and get relaxed into a peaceful sleep, Peek climbed up and got between us. We laughed. I guess she needed to be touched as well.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Feel the joy that touch releases. It bleeds the heart of its pressure. There is no promise of tomorrow, so hug someone today.

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