Rough Waters


It doesn’t take very long for each of us to accumulate an emotional history. It begins at a young age and remains long. Our emotional associations run deep.

I was a very sick child that spent numerous over-night stays in the hospital. I hated when the nurses would close the door at night. To this day, I have to sleep with the door open; at least a little bit. My mom used to crush my medications into vanilla ice-cream or applesauce because I couldn’t swallow pills. To this day I don’t like vanilla ice-cream or applesauce. Have you ever had a scent take you back in time? Our associations travel with us throughout time.

To see myself clearly, and figure out these associations that I carry, I have to still them and be as transparent as a peaceful lake. When someone moves in to touch my associations, they stir things up sending out ripples and like most people, I don’t like when the waters are rough.  This picture is of the lake in Maine that I have spent my summers since I was only 3 years old. Most mornings this lake is as calm as glass and then there are times when it’s as rough as an ocean. Either way though, it is crystal clear.clear water

No one can escape their emotional associations, but we can remain long enough to allow the ripples to calm. No matter how much of an expert you may think that you are on relationships, no one is free of ripples in their still waters. God never leaves us in the rough waters. We can know where the world is headed and not be shaken by what we see in us and around us.

God never promises us that we will live a calm ripple-free life. Our ripples come and shake us up a bit, but, then we surrender and in come the still waters, the calm waters. We have to allow God to come in through His Holy Spirit and work on us. He works on our associations to expose us and teach us how to know ourselves and others more clearly.

If you, too, will learn to wait upon God during those rough storms, to get alone with Him, and to remain silent so that you can hear His voice when He is ready to speak to you, what a difference it will make in your life. I’m learning that more and more every day. The word of God clearly state over and over that Jesus Christ is coming to the earth “a second time…to those who eagerly await Him” (Hebrews 9:28).

Lord, don’t remove my emotional history; rather teach me from the fears to the tender moments of time. Allow every deep breath and exhalation to feel the depth of your love and my heart that waits below.

Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul.

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