Do you feel that there are times in your life that need no confirmation? Or, are you all about needing confirmation for everything you do? I didn’t load the dishwasher tonight just because…I ate a bowl of ice-cream today just because…I stayed in my jammies all day today and read just because…There simply are things in our life that we can do that need no confirmation. But, what if we take that just a little too far?

What happens when we chose to exercise our right to not do something just because…and we know better? What if we neglected to visit our elderly friend just because…What if we ate a whole pizza to ourselves just because…What if we didn’t answer that phone call from our needy neighbor just because…There are things in our day that we chose not to do just because. Everyone has them and we need to be very careful that they do not take over our being. You may say, “I don’t have to justify my actions,” but I say, “yes you do; yes I do.” It’s okay to take a time out from time to time to refresh the body and soul but don’t stay out too long.

There is a fierce mystic named William Blake who once said, “There is no greater act than putting another before you.” God tells us numerous times in the Bible to serve one another. 1Peter 4:10 As each of us has received a gift, Use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace. ESV

This should speak to our selfish being and realize this does matter. We need to give to the base of meaningful love because God instructs us and we DO need HIS confirmation. We need to hear, “job well done my good and faithful servant.” But, not for our sake, but for HIS because everything we do is to bring HIM glory and honor.

Somehow in the course of learning this we lag behind. We don’t have all of the answers we would like, but we do have the promise that God is going to work all things out for His glorious plan, despite our obedience, and His glorious plan is far better than what we have planned. There is work in your life…begin with it. Keep your eyes on Him, His approval. It’s having Jesus to guide us through both the good and bad times that makes us so sure.

Dear Lord, as I go throughout my day today, I pray that I would see the opportunities to serve you and look for your approval and not man’s. I pray that I would not stay in a time-out for too long. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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