Treasure Tuesday

When was the last time you told your story? Not really your life story, but your salvation story. Our stories are little time capsules. They carry pieces of truth and meaning over time. We all have different stories however, one story we have in common is we were once lost but are now saved.
It is in the sweat and tears of the telling of our salvation story that brings meaning out of its sleep. It is the sharing of the story that often heals; not just ourselves but others as well. Hopefully we are repeating our stories not because we are forgetful or indulgent, but because there is so much personal meaning in our own story; our love story with God.


So, keep telling your story that is pressed upon your heart, sharing your deep fall and hard landings only to look up and see His mighty hand. The truth is, though we think we know what to say, it is in saying it all over again, that somehow saves us again and again. We get renewed and refreshed remembering our story.

My Tuesday treasure? I am born again!!! That’s my story and I’m sticking’ to it!
Dear Lord,
Thank you for giving me my own personal story Thank you that every page is written by your hand and with your heart. I will share my story with others all the days of my life.

I am singing that song, “I love to tell the story”


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