Thankful Thursday Thought



Is total surrender possible? Is it possible to put to death all of our desires and fully surrender? If it were possible, I’d be 40 pounds lighter. Oh I can feel the desire to totally give God the control with my weight at night, after I’ve eaten a bowl of ice-cream before bed-or as soon as I get up in the morning. But once those chubby toes hit the floor, it’s all over. I want the control.

But, isn’t the impossible possible with God? If so, then why is the surrender thing so difficult? Is it fear? Is it pride? I think is can be both. Our desires are so strong and we forget that God’s will is so much better for us. He calls us to surrender and be obedient and we do this by spending time with Him; lots of it. When we get into the habit of spending time with Him, our fear and pride begin to fade.

When a couple gets married, their greatest desire is to spend time together. Like a plant without water, a relationship without quality and quantity time together,  will wither. The communication between husbands and wives involves both speaking and listening. Our relationship with God is the same. He wants to spend time with us. He LOVES us dearly and completely. It’s a two way communication-Sometimes we must be still and listen, and other times we may talk, talk and talk.victory in Jesus

We have been created to praise and commune with our wonderful heavenly daddy, and no two days in our relationship with Him will be alike. NOW, THAT’S A THANKFUL THURSDAY THOUGHT!!!


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