Monday Moment With White Ribbons

Today is my dad’s birthday. It will be 10 years in November that he passed away. I often think about him, talk to him and look for signs from him. My dad was one of the strongest men in my life and would do anything for me and for my brothers. He was tough though and like all humans, he had his faults, but what a strong, intelligent man he was. It’s the human side of me that longs to be held by him just one more time.

As humans we are always in a cycle; our mind builds a tough shell around it until it is somehow broken by the past or present pain. I have often pushed the thought of my dad’s death deep down so that I don’t have to deal with the pain. But, many of us have been punctured by a loss of a loved one by death, divorce and an unresolved disagreement and our shell gets tougher and tougher until one day it  finally starts to crack. The memories ooze out and the healing process begins.

Nature is a profound blessing. While my brother and niece were walking the other day, a bunch of white ribbons flowed from the trees on their trail as an art display.  They were asked to write a thought, prayer or saying on a ribbon. The words penned were, “We love you. Happy Birthday Dad.” Again, nature is a profound blessing.kira

I love the ocean; the waves are so mesmerizing. First they CRASH upon the shore and then calmly move along the sand. Waves in life show us that we have the ability to just ride with the tide. We are most certainly going to have storms in life; we can either CRASH with the crisis or flow in the calm.

Though we fear it whatever “it” is; feeling our feelings is the only clear and direct way to free ourselves from a lingering CRASH.

PSALM: 75:1 we give thanks because you are near. Jesus is in the crashes of life and the white ribbons of life. He will restore us and bring us to the calm. That is my Monday moment. What is yours?


2 thoughts on “Monday Moment With White Ribbons

  1. Caren Mitchell October 8, 2013 / 6:40 am

    I go through the same process every December for my Daddy. Thanks for sharing, that was inspiring. ♥♥♥


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