List Makers


Worship Wednesday

Are you a list maker? I used to be a hard-core list maker until my “run in” with a goose. See May 17th post.  I was all about writing my lists, rating the items in order of either time or importance and sticking to it no matter what. I can’t believe the lists controlled me.

God has had a different list for me many times. I am currently glancing through a book by Prevention called “List Makers Get Healthy Guide.” I lists things like ultimate 10 minute work outs, foods that fight belly fat; hair care products, memory protectors, how to get a great night sleep and much more. While these are all good things to list; what about your list with God?

Do you have your God-pleasing list? Now we know that our good-doer lists don’t get us to heaven. It is by the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and that He died for our sins to have eternity in heaven. But, while we are here on earth, He wants us to have a list of things that pleases him. I just spent the morning with the most loving, gracious, giving women I have ever  met. They are so ready to serve the Lord in whatever capacity.

What about love? Is that on your list? God calls us to love Him and to love others. Is that on your list?

What about serving? God calls us to serve Him in specific ways. Is that on your list?list2

What about spending time with Him? Is that on your list?

What does your list for God look like? This is a very personal question so I will leave it with you to ponder. I have my own list with God and then there is my worldly Beth pleasing list that needs to take the back burner for a while. I love how God is working on me this way.

My Wednesday worship thought:

Center yourself; deep breathe! After some time look around your heart and see who is there. Are they on your list to love? If so, let them know.



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