Thursday Thoughts: Bubbling Emotions

light through trees

For whatever reason, a confrontation with a co-worker, a fender-bender, a long line at the supermarket, and no toilet paper in the bathroom; your emotions sometimes bubble up to the point where they become almost impossible to control. Been there? I’ve learned over the years that you can’t let stress get the better of you. I didn’t say I’ve mastered it though. The secret to riding the stress wave is handing it all over to God. He can take it! He’s in control anyhow, so you might as well toss it back in his direction.

I think back of Biblical times and the people were stressed as well but the term “stressed” was defined more like,

Adversity: Job 2:10

Affliction: II Cor. 6:4

Distresses: Rom. 8:35

Suffering: Phil. 1:29

Tribulation: Jn. 16:33

I think of the arc that had to be built a specific way; wandering in the desert for 40 years; or the plagues in Egypt. I think about being thrown into a fiery pit, facing a giant with only a sling shot and being locked up in prison. Now you want to talk about stress. Yikes!

What do you do in times of stress? I know we casually throw that question around at church, Bible studies, and in our blogs, but really; what do you do when you are stressed out? Are you dealing with some adversity, affliction, distress, suffering or tribulation today? If you are, may I validate your stress and tell you there is comfort in God. You can just sit and talk to him and he will listen. Give him your fears, worries and concerns. Ask Him anything and he will answer; maybe not right away, but know that in the waiting, he’s working it all out. Your personal relationship with God will deepen if you speak to him regularly.

My Thoughts for Thursday? I am thanking God today. He’s got this!



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