1 Peter 3:11…Peter said, “Work hard with living in peace with others.” Are you a peacemaker?

          The holidays are fast approaching and unfortunately with some families, arguing is part of their holiday tradition. It has never been a part of mine because we all live miles apart. When my brothers and I can get together for any occasion, it’s a true blessing and now that my own kids are older and living in different states, I feel the same way.

I knew a woman who ever year put four Christmas trees up in her house. They each had their own theme and were each stunning. However, to have them up in time for Christmas, they started right after Halloween. Between Halloween and Christmas there would be disagreement after disagreement which ultimately led to silence. There was no Christmas music playing, no hot cider simmering, and no reminiscing; just silence. I ask, is it worth the silence?christmas tree

Why do people get so surly with each other, especially during the holidays? Did she really have to have all of those trees? I never got the opportunity to ask her if it was worth the pain, arguing and silence. It would not be for me.

In preparing for the approaching holiday, why not begin praying for peace now. Whatever the deep hidden reasons are for having everything just-right no matter what the cost; why not begin to pray that the Lord in His mercy would provide you with a peaceful holiday. Pray that you would be able to avoid the yearly fights. Does it matter whose house you celebrate at? Isn’t it more important that the family is all together?

Toss the foul mood. If you can’t make the homemade stuffing, just buy the boxed. If this will free up precious time to spend more time with family remember again what Peter said, “Work hard with living in peace with others.”

As you count down the days examine your list. Practice the art of shutting up and calming down before you say something you might regret. Don’t provoke a family battle. Enjoy them and if someone gets something bigger or shinier, so what. Enjoy the time. There is no promise for tomorrow.


Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matters before a dispute breaks out. Proverbs 17:14.NIV


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