Recipe for Change


Recipe for Change

Sometimes in life we are to make changes. Regardless of if we want to or not; if God feels it’s necessary for a change, He’s going to sprinkle on some new ingredients.

When we claim to be Christians, although we may be having a rough day or going through a trial, we still need to walk in His sweet, evenly coated grace.

We have unique personalities and we are sometimes like oil and vinegar that just won’t mix, until…God shakes us up a bit. When he does, we are all a delightful mixture of His creation.

Season yourself in His grace. Drain out the dry, sour, harmful ingredients and know you are loved so very much and are frosted with the sweet flavor of God’s grace.

Take on this day and savor the moment.  Beth

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One thought on “Recipe for Change

  1. Linda October 24, 2013 / 7:56 am

    Mmmmmmm. . . grace frosting. . . musing on the meaning. . . thanks!


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