The Wayfinding Bible

Review on Wayfinding Bible

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…I received my free copy of the Wayfinding Bible and let me tell you, you will not want for anything with this new Bible. The Wayfinding Bible is so much fun to read and has three ways of following along.wayfinding bible

There is a user’s guide in the beginning. You can choose which colorful route you want to travel.

Blue…The Flyover – In 54 readings you’ll gain a chronological overview of the events of the Bible.

Green…The Direct Route – In 215 readings you gain a full perspective of the entire Bible and how it fits together, all in less than a year.

Orange…The Scenic Route – In 386 readings you’ll discover the depth and richness of God’s Word as you wind your way through well-known and not-so-well-known passages alike.

Holding Glasses over Bible  There are book introductions to help familiarize the reader with what the book is about. Then there is “getting your bearings” too. There you will find eight critical points along the way that you can stop, think about and review your journey. You may even want to stop and journal a little bit at that point. Yay! I’m the journal nut!!! There are historical markers, scenic overlooks and side trips which will highlight various scripture passages that will show you what the Bible has to say.

Because reading the Bible can sometimes be very confusing, the contributors came up with the Wayfinding concept. Wayfinding signs are designed by architects and urban planners to help people navigate their way around and minimize frustration. This same concept is applied here. If you just want to read this Bible without all of the added learning tools, you can easily do that as well, but you won’t want to miss out. There is just so much to discover. This Bible is in the New Living Translation. If I had five thumbs, I’d give it a five thumps up. Beth book trailer

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