One Wednesday @ a Time



So many of us are recording our “thankfull’s” in the month of November. Some are posting them facebook, twitter or just in their own personal journal. I am the journal type. Yes, November we do our best to focus on the positive and give thanks always.

This year, I am challenging myself to increase my “thankfull’s” by “one” each day. For example today is the 14th so I will record 14 things that I am thankful for.

One of the things I wrote down today was the beautiful, HUGE hearted women I share every Wednesday morning with. I have the privilege of opening up my home to these ladies every Wednesday and dig into God’s Word and share my heart with them.women studying bible

What’s so amazing is I see so many gifts amongst the women and such seasoned women with great advice. I have been bless to open my home to teachers, encouragers, prayer warriors, technologists, vocalists, compassionates, bakers, maids and lovers of the Lord.

Yes, ever Wednesday at 10:00 my home becomes a house of worship. We cry, sing, laugh and pray. We cry but never give up. We cross our bridges holding hands and we become optimists who see the opportunity in every difficult situation.

We do not share the joy without sharing the sorrow. We do not see the sun without sharing the darkness. My home is God’s sweet place where we arrive at God’s peace on Wednesday at a time. I love you gals.

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