Rocking Out With the Best of Them

            Sitting in traffic at the stop light I often notice young people bobbing their heads and rocking out. But when I scan the “rock-out, head-bopping” stations, I am confronted by the lyrics that are not at all pleasing to God’s ears. I want to rock-out and I want to praise God.

            What do I do? I blast my Christian Rock CD’s. I don’t There are times for my Praise and Worship music; times for my soft hymns and then there are times for the rocking’ out music. I am 51 and I can still rock out with the best of them. I just choose to rock out to my glorifying music.

            So now when I’m rocking out at the stop light, I turn it up, roll it down and bop my head. I love the feeling of rocking’ and boppin’ to glorifying lyrics. Now when I meet the youngsters at the stop light, I look over and nod my head to my music.

            What about you? Do you listen to the music that the youth listen to? Are you listening to music that goes against God’s lyrics? It’s tempting for sure. There’s a lot of fun music out there but we must be careful of those lyrics. What kind of example are we setting when we listen to songs that promote pre-marital sex, drugs, cuss words and downright dirty? I love a good dance beat but not if the words are not going to glorify God. I admit, I do struggle with this. But, there is so much good Christian music available to us that I have made the switch. How about you?

            What do you listen to? What do you listen to in the car when driving around with your children, grand-children, neighborhood teens? Share your thoughts with us today at by grace


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