A Little Space Heater

As I write this I am sitting in my warm office in the wee hours of the morning. The only lights that are on are my “happy-lights.” Thank you again my sweet friend.

Speaking of friends, God is so good to have put certain people in my life during certain seasons of my life. As I hum below my breath, Joy to the World, I pray joy into their lives. I can’t help but reflect on the wonderful friends that I have been blessed to have.

Friends…you know the ones who bring you a meal, pray with you, cry with you and share in all of your sufferings. They are the ones that don’t judge, just do. They walk through seasons of hardship. Friends come in and clean your house when you’ve been sick or put money in your hand to buy some food. They buy you a happy light and put a brand new space heater at your doorstep all wrapped up in pretty paper and a bow. Thank you my friend.space heater

Friends will also let your smile help drive their dark away and they allow your hugs to charm their fears away. Friends allow you to tend to them as well. They will dare to open the vaults of their hearts and freely express their needs. Friendship is NEVER a one-way trip. Thank you for allowing me to minister to you.

As friends we welcome each other to share our hearts and minds. As friends we believe in our God together and we encourage each other. This has truly been a difficult year for me but without my friends, I would have stumbled through each day without feeling their prayers that helped sustain me.women studying bible

I believe I was born to encourage; created by God to make a difference in people’s lives. I will call or email my friends just to visit, to tell them I care. I’m praying more importantly I will share with them the joy that they have brought me.

Thank you my friends.living by grace

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