The Powerful Wind that Executes His Command


Where I live, we have been experiencing some very windy days. You know the kind that blows your chairs across the lawn or blows down the wind chimes; yes those are the days that we’ve been having. My little dog can’t even hold her bathroom stance without blowing around and refuses to come out from the covers. GE DIGITAL CAMERAI have seen hats blow off of heads, people burrowing beneath their scarves and tree limbs covering the ground. It’s not only windy but its freezing cold out, which seems to be the topic of the tongue of every passer-by.

Plastic around the leaky shaking window, drafty dog stuffed under the door, huddling up under the electric blanket, I feel cold, isolated and tired of this winter. I dutifully open my Bible, which I’m reading the Psalms backwards, and what do my eyes read? Psalm 148: 7-8!

Praise the LORD from the earth

 all see monsters and ocean depths,

Lightning and hail, snow and cloud;

POWERFUL WIND that executes His commands!

            The most commonly practiced discipline in a Christian’s life is, of course, prayer. We have prayer partners, prayer time at church, adoration rooms for prayer, and cottage prayer in our homes. What about our discipline to just sit and listen to His commands? Sometimes I can’t shut my brain off long enough, but believe me; He will shut-off the chatter for me and make me listen to his voice in the wind.

            God is unchanging wisdom and love. What are the motives for your prayers? Do you pray to make yourself better or to benefit those who hear you to enlighten the infinite? I believe prayer brings us into harmony with God. Some say that “just praying” isn’t going to make a difference, but it shall. Prayer perpetuates our belief in God, increasing faith and hope. “God is love; He is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8.

            We profess that God is good, omnipotent, omnipresent, infinite and then we don’t’ find the time to commune with Him, offering our thanks for even the simplest thing such as the sound of the birds chirping outside your window on a freezing cold 2 degree day. Am I preaching to myself? Yes, I am.

            We can muster enough strength though to release negative chatter from our lips. We can gossip at work, say something negative about the weather, and mutter a prayer but not really mean it because our mind is drifting somewhere else. I think an appropriate prayer would be is to put a finger on our lips and remember our blessings; remember those times where God came to the rescue and calmed our anxious hearts.

            Dig deep; what we most need is prayer for a fervent desire for growth in His grace, expressed by our love and commitment to Him. Outward prayer and worship in itself is not sufficient; it’s the time alone where the heart grows, where the spiritual understanding regenerates.


My garden of wisdom tells me that I will be able to invest much time in it, plucking the dirty weeds from my past. It grows words of wisdom that speak to my inner heart tenderly saying that I can make it; I am good enough and if people talk negatively about me; I can grow above it.running brook

Our gardens, where we sit for hours help us to continue on our journey into abundance. We may sit for as long as we want; there is no time frame and our inner moments of truth begin to blossom.  While sitting with our thoughts we can allow the breeze of time to carry us into a peaceful state; a state of abundance. Pride can be picked off and perseverance can be deeply rooted. Each raised bed will be brilliant, rhythmic and splendid with bountiful wisdom. What we pick is organic, untainted and in its purest form.

If you are struggling with your identity today, please be reminded that God did not make a mistake, nor did He create you to feel less loved.

Center yourself and open your heart to His Word today; breathe gently and give thanks for the blessings you have.



Holy Manna

My Facebook post this week was my daily manna and power come from HIS presence. Isaiah 30:15 NKJV

Have you ever noticed that when you write something or say something in faith, that faith gets shaken? Well mind did. I had a dizzy spell in my daughter’s room last night that really scared me. I don’t know why it happened although I have some suspicions; but I had to really take captive to that verse and say to myself, Lord, my manna and power come from You.

I think when we are going through something we tend to look at it from below and not from above. Jesus looked at the human condition with the eyes of love and tried to teach us how to look at ourselves and others in the same way.  In John 3:3 Jesus told his disciples, “and I want you to be reborn from above so that you will be able to see with new eyes.” I couldn’t see with HIS eyes at the time of the spell, but as the night went by and I was feeling better, I was able to say thank you God for the manna that I needed.

Last night was a temporary glitch in the road. God’s kind, wise, sovereign hand was put in motion upon my body and was perfectly synchronized with heaven. I don’t know why or how, but it was. I trusted and thanked Him and as always, He delivered.

What do you do when your day has some sort of glitch? Are you seeing God’s kind, wise, sovereign hand at work? Think about it.



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Walking in Peace

I would have to say that we are all bits and pieces of this and that. How do we combine our scraps of material to create a stunning project? I remember growing up in awe when my mom would spend hours and hours in her bedroom sewing while dad was watching the football games. It was so funny because every time mom would push the pedal, the screen would go fuzzy on the TV. Dad never really complained because this was her hobby. She worked so hard during the week so when she got behind the sewing machine, a glorious project came to life.

Reminiscing on my past this morning made me think about the project within my own life. I don’t know about you but I want to create an outstanding project within that I hope will inspire others to do the same. I want to come to life, spreading joy, peace and compassion.

Our creativity lies within; we can look through our own stash of situations that has caused mixed bags of emotions. One of my goals this year is to continue to practice at looking for my own creativity and recognize every day how I’ve been blessed by the CREATOR. Within the creator, lies an endless supply of hope, love, peace, wisdom and joy.

Hope abounds when I learn how to combine listening and praying. Joy abounds when I totally surrender to His perfect will for me. When you surrender, you will find your uniqueness and realize you are a special piece of inspiration with purpose.

Walk in love and peace today!

Do you ever make a promise and somewhere down the road that promise gets broken? I have a very good friend who lost her mother this week and is hanging onto every promise of God.

It’s a promise that will never be broken; our relationship with Jesus can never be broken unless we choose to denounce Him and walk away. He stays right by our side.

When God does something, He goes all out. He doesn’t hold back on anything and never cuts our time short when we need Him. He is the author of every good and perfect gift. He gave to us nothing less than His own begotten son, who took on human flesh and came to earth to dwell among us! What a gift!

Oh, give us Jesus; a relationship that– Jesus will provide for our every need.

I tell you, don’t worry about everyday life– whether you have enough food, drink, and clothes. Doesn’t life consist of more than food and clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because your heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than they are. Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? Of course not.

Take captive of every thought and bring it to the throne. No need to worry because it’s all in the hands of God.

Here are some scriptures to take along with you today:

Jesus will give us wisdom when we need it. James 1:5

Jesus will never give us more than we can handle. 1Cor. 10:13

Jesus is always present at our side. Psalm 23:4

He has given us a guide for all of life. John 16:13

Nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus. Romans 8:35

These are promises of your relationship with Jesus! Where are you struggling with a relationship? Has your faith been shaken? Do you desire that glorious relationship with Jesus or want to grow closer. It’s just a hearts prayer away. All can come to Him. Come and visit us at Living by Grace. by grace

Living with Less


I would have to say that my husband and I are getting used to living with less and although it’s frustrating at times, it’s only frustrating when we both take our eyes off of

Jesus. It’s so perfect the way God uses us. When I am weak, my husband gives me strength and when he is weak, I give him strength. Ultimately we both agree that our strength comes from our faith.  GE DIGITAL CAMERA

My life runs smoother when I simplify. I can’t blame anyone or anything for the complicated things in my life; that’s why a year ago, this month; I started to learn how to be at peace with simplifying my life and adjusting to less.

At first I was forced to cut back everywhere possible. Because my health took a strange downward spiral, I was forced to cut back on my hours at work. It was a huge change that took several months to get used to. We are learning to live with less, trying to meet our debt and striving for peace.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

If you are overwhelmed by your schedule, your income, debt and just stuff…pray for help instead of succumbing to the feelings of hopelessness. With Jesus, nothing is

hopeless. With Jesus all things are possible. There is always a plan just on the other side of the door.

Now that I am feeling MUCH better, I still desire to live in simplicity and continue to help my husband as best as I can to dig out from under. We WILL be a success story! How about you?

He Called me Cutiful

short hair

If you were asked, what would you think cutiful means? You won’t find it in the dictionary nor will you hear it spoken from others; but, I heard the term just the other day.

I came home with my hair cut pretty short and wasn’t sure how my husband would react. He’s a “long-hair” kind of guy. Since I lost a patch of hair last year, I have refrained from cutting it. But, it was time. I needed a change and I personally don’t like my hair too long. I kept pushing it behind my ears; brushing it forward and teasing it  up, but no matter what I did, the outcome was the same…It was short.

Why is it we can talk about the weather, or our jobs, children and the economy, but, we don’t really want to discuss our ever changing bodies? Why do we confuse ourselves into thinking we are not good the way that we are? Let not our appearance cause us from exuberating peace and love. Did Jesus ever look at his appearance while doing the work of his Heavenly Father? No! When we remain distraught for a long period of time, we are not showing proof of our faith.

We can’t go self absorbed in ourselves that we lose sight of what God wants. So, today, I serve my God feeling cutiful!!!