He Called me Cutiful

short hair

If you were asked, what would you think cutiful means? You won’t find it in the dictionary nor will you hear it spoken from others; but, I heard the term just the other day.

I came home with my hair cut pretty short and wasn’t sure how my husband would react. He’s a “long-hair” kind of guy. Since I lost a patch of hair last year, I have refrained from cutting it. But, it was time. I needed a change and I personally don’t like my hair too long. I kept pushing it behind my ears; brushing it forward and teasing it  up, but no matter what I did, the outcome was the same…It was short.

Why is it we can talk about the weather, or our jobs, children and the economy, but, we don’t really want to discuss our ever changing bodies? Why do we confuse ourselves into thinking we are not good the way that we are? Let not our appearance cause us from exuberating peace and love. Did Jesus ever look at his appearance while doing the work of his Heavenly Father? No! When we remain distraught for a long period of time, we are not showing proof of our faith.

We can’t go self absorbed in ourselves that we lose sight of what God wants. So, today, I serve my God feeling cutiful!!!


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