Living with Less


I would have to say that my husband and I are getting used to living with less and although it’s frustrating at times, it’s only frustrating when we both take our eyes off of

Jesus. It’s so perfect the way God uses us. When I am weak, my husband gives me strength and when he is weak, I give him strength. Ultimately we both agree that our strength comes from our faith.  GE DIGITAL CAMERA

My life runs smoother when I simplify. I can’t blame anyone or anything for the complicated things in my life; that’s why a year ago, this month; I started to learn how to be at peace with simplifying my life and adjusting to less.

At first I was forced to cut back everywhere possible. Because my health took a strange downward spiral, I was forced to cut back on my hours at work. It was a huge change that took several months to get used to. We are learning to live with less, trying to meet our debt and striving for peace.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

If you are overwhelmed by your schedule, your income, debt and just stuff…pray for help instead of succumbing to the feelings of hopelessness. With Jesus, nothing is

hopeless. With Jesus all things are possible. There is always a plan just on the other side of the door.

Now that I am feeling MUCH better, I still desire to live in simplicity and continue to help my husband as best as I can to dig out from under. We WILL be a success story! How about you?

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