Holy Manna

My Facebook post this week was my daily manna and power come from HIS presence. Isaiah 30:15 NKJV

Have you ever noticed that when you write something or say something in faith, that faith gets shaken? Well mind did. I had a dizzy spell in my daughter’s room last night that really scared me. I don’t know why it happened although I have some suspicions; but I had to really take captive to that verse and say to myself, Lord, my manna and power come from You.

I think when we are going through something we tend to look at it from below and not from above. Jesus looked at the human condition with the eyes of love and tried to teach us how to look at ourselves and others in the same way.  In John 3:3 Jesus told his disciples, “and I want you to be reborn from above so that you will be able to see with new eyes.” I couldn’t see with HIS eyes at the time of the spell, but as the night went by and I was feeling better, I was able to say thank you God for the manna that I needed.

Last night was a temporary glitch in the road. God’s kind, wise, sovereign hand was put in motion upon my body and was perfectly synchronized with heaven. I don’t know why or how, but it was. I trusted and thanked Him and as always, He delivered.

What do you do when your day has some sort of glitch? Are you seeing God’s kind, wise, sovereign hand at work? Think about it.



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