My garden of wisdom tells me that I will be able to invest much time in it, plucking the dirty weeds from my past. It grows words of wisdom that speak to my inner heart tenderly saying that I can make it; I am good enough and if people talk negatively about me; I can grow above it.running brook

Our gardens, where we sit for hours help us to continue on our journey into abundance. We may sit for as long as we want; there is no time frame and our inner moments of truth begin to blossom.  While sitting with our thoughts we can allow the breeze of time to carry us into a peaceful state; a state of abundance. Pride can be picked off and perseverance can be deeply rooted. Each raised bed will be brilliant, rhythmic and splendid with bountiful wisdom. What we pick is organic, untainted and in its purest form.

If you are struggling with your identity today, please be reminded that God did not make a mistake, nor did He create you to feel less loved.

Center yourself and open your heart to His Word today; breathe gently and give thanks for the blessings you have.



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