The Powerful Wind that Executes His Command


Where I live, we have been experiencing some very windy days. You know the kind that blows your chairs across the lawn or blows down the wind chimes; yes those are the days that we’ve been having. My little dog can’t even hold her bathroom stance without blowing around and refuses to come out from the covers. GE DIGITAL CAMERAI have seen hats blow off of heads, people burrowing beneath their scarves and tree limbs covering the ground. It’s not only windy but its freezing cold out, which seems to be the topic of the tongue of every passer-by.

Plastic around the leaky shaking window, drafty dog stuffed under the door, huddling up under the electric blanket, I feel cold, isolated and tired of this winter. I dutifully open my Bible, which I’m reading the Psalms backwards, and what do my eyes read? Psalm 148: 7-8!

Praise the LORD from the earth

 all see monsters and ocean depths,

Lightning and hail, snow and cloud;

POWERFUL WIND that executes His commands!

            The most commonly practiced discipline in a Christian’s life is, of course, prayer. We have prayer partners, prayer time at church, adoration rooms for prayer, and cottage prayer in our homes. What about our discipline to just sit and listen to His commands? Sometimes I can’t shut my brain off long enough, but believe me; He will shut-off the chatter for me and make me listen to his voice in the wind.

            God is unchanging wisdom and love. What are the motives for your prayers? Do you pray to make yourself better or to benefit those who hear you to enlighten the infinite? I believe prayer brings us into harmony with God. Some say that “just praying” isn’t going to make a difference, but it shall. Prayer perpetuates our belief in God, increasing faith and hope. “God is love; He is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8.

            We profess that God is good, omnipotent, omnipresent, infinite and then we don’t’ find the time to commune with Him, offering our thanks for even the simplest thing such as the sound of the birds chirping outside your window on a freezing cold 2 degree day. Am I preaching to myself? Yes, I am.

            We can muster enough strength though to release negative chatter from our lips. We can gossip at work, say something negative about the weather, and mutter a prayer but not really mean it because our mind is drifting somewhere else. I think an appropriate prayer would be is to put a finger on our lips and remember our blessings; remember those times where God came to the rescue and calmed our anxious hearts.

            Dig deep; what we most need is prayer for a fervent desire for growth in His grace, expressed by our love and commitment to Him. Outward prayer and worship in itself is not sufficient; it’s the time alone where the heart grows, where the spiritual understanding regenerates.



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