God’s Unconditional Love

Noah was the only man at the time which the following could be said, “Noah walked with God.” Can you imagine how lonely he felt? He didn’t walk away though; he did what was instructed by God. He endured and God blessed him with the covenant.

God showed His great mercy and love. I can’t imagine the fears, doubts and anxieties Noah had during the unknown. God never took His eyes off of him. He loved Noah. How do we know if God still loves us when our thoughts are all murky in the middle of a long trial?

First of all, look at all you have. Look at your home, your vehicle, maybe vehicles, and the things you’ve acquired throughout your life. These are all from God. Yes, you’ve worked hard for these things but ultimately, God gave you the job; the strength and the talent. He gives to us through His love for us.

Second, look at your family. Look at the love that emanates from each of you. Oh yes, there may be times of strife, but look at the unconditional love you really have for each other. When family is absent though, God is right there. He is your father. He fills that void in your heart. I especially know this first hand as my whole family lives very far away so when I am with them, I just sponge up the love we have for each other.

Third, look at your talents. God gives each one of us special talents to serve Him. It is not to glorify ourselves, but rather, to give God all the honor and glory.

You were planned for God’s pleasure. Now that’s love. The moment you were born into this world, God was there smiling at your birth. He wanted you alive and your arrival brought Him great pleasure. The Bible tells us that “Because of his love God had already decided that through Jesus Christ he would make us his children-this was by his pleasure and purpose.” Ephesians 1:5 (TEV)

We could go all gloom-and-doom on God thinking things like, “it’s all hopeless; things couldn’t get any worse and I’ll never survive this.” What is the point?  The world is falling down around us but we can be strong knowing God’s love is what carries us through.

God knows I am no angel; I’ve done many things wrong and have doubted God in the midst of those times. I have lost my hope along the way and I’ve turned my back the other way, made excuses for irrational thoughts and yet, God has never broken His covenant of love with me.

God is in the business of love. We can try to fix, save, buy or date a nice solution to our trials but it really is useless. All that does is squeeze the life out of us.  Let’s summon a child’s courage and faith even in the anxiety of the unknown. Breathe in God’s unending, unconditional love for you.

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