Oh my blog!!!

Oh friendly blog, I miss you. I have not written to you in so long. Life has recently taken me to places I’ve not been before. First of all, I have taken on a new job. It is a full-time job as a marketing specialist. I started last week and my very first day there was a building fire. Thank you God that all persons were able to get out safely as well as any pets. Instead of learning leasing and marketing, I have been copying files, answering phones, typing letters, handing out water and doing whatever I am asked to do to help the staff carefully tend to the leasing of new apartments for the survivors. I have experienced a week of a small staff pulling together to create a mighty team. Way to go Vintage @ Zona Rosa. I am excited for this coming week because I will hopefully start learning more about the job I was hired for.Sick Young Woman Lying in Bed

I also went into this job with a bad sinus infection. I was given a shot of antibiotic and steroid and an oral antibiotic. I had about three full days to lounge around and get better before plunging into my first day. I started feeling pretty good when I contracted a head cold about my fourth day in. (I think I got that from my hubby). So, here I am, coughing, sneezing and praying that I get well enough for week two of my new job. I don’t want to take time off already. I really don’t think there is much that any doctor can do at this point. A cold is a cold, right?

I have missed church two weeks in a row and I don’t like that at all. But, the last thing I want to do is shake hands and give out hugs with the junk I’m dealing with in my body. I miss the songs, the fellowship with God and my quiet intimate time. Oh I know I can access Him at any point, but there is something about being in church, having it quiet and looking at the crucifix.cross

Thank you God for my job and reminding me of 1 Corinthians that I have a part to play in the whole…I will apply that to my job, my place in my home and in my own personal life. I pray for good health this week, strength and guidance. I pray that I will run the race with endurance.

I know God has not forgotten me because He has reminded me just this morning that even the hairs on my head have been counted and I do not need to be afraid (of this illness) because I am worth more than the many sparrows.

Are you dealing with something that is really getting you down? Remember too that you are so very loved and important to God.


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