The Discomfort…

Some people start new directions in life uncertain of what steps to take. I took a leap of faith only to walk into something that was not mine to begin with; God made that very evident, it just took me a bit to catch on.
According to the many of Stephen Covey books, and by the way, that’s with a “ph” not a “v”, you work as a team with respect in each other. I’ve always admired his business tactics. I was raised to be honest and kind no matter what. You don’t get even and you don’t do unto others what they have done unto you. You rise above it.
My behavior is governed by principles in my life. I do not cuss just because others might be letting the “F” bomb fly. I do not do “dishonesty” and I’ve always considered myself to be cooperative and a very dedicated kind of person to the task at hand. Stephen Covey says that, “The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it and instantly learn from it.” Boy have I had a four week learning experience and now I get it. I am gentle and kind, not cut-throat. Covey also says that “win/win can only survive in an organization when systems support it.” That’s the key-support when you feel like you are not part of a team, isolated and belittled every day. The only way to be part of the win/win team is early in the beginning stage of the learning process. You need to feel like part of the team and part of the bigger picture. Honesty, sincerity, correct principles and integrity are the way to organization and it’s the way God desires me to be.
Today a door was shut, but you know what? That’s okay; I could not withstand the rudeness, the ambiguity, confusion and pain. My diagnosis, if I were any form of doctor would be that I would never have made the right decision because I’m not a quitter. God, I thank the person who did that for me. For you who sit behind your desk that doesn’t follow Stephen Covey’s principles at all, I thank you for giving me the time now to find the correct path. I will not shrink to your words anymore because I am on God’s path, not yours and He has told me over and over again, contrary to what you might think and say, I am not dumb and I am valued. Thanks again.
For anyone who feels this way in their lives, I’m sorry. Don’t be walked on and don’t allow others to be-little you. You can rise above it and find the correct decision. Anxiety is the dizziness of newness…KIERKEGAARD

2 thoughts on “The Discomfort…

  1. Linda Skadeland March 24, 2014 / 2:28 pm

    I just knew that you would write this afternoon. . . and you would write positively about negativity. . . ! You are great!! Linda


  2. Beth Farley March 24, 2014 / 2:43 pm

    Thank you Linda. I know God knows best and has a perfect plan for all of this mess. I have to be positive because God designed me that way. I can’t wait to go to study Wednesday with you and fellowship with the gals.


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