So do you feel your sense of worth comes from comparing yourself to someone’s success? This could relate to smoking, weight loss, drinking or the business world. Our lives can easily be scripted by our thought process. Sometimes we can see ourselves as having only just so much by the way we are treated. I’m focusing right now with the business world with my next few statements. It’s raw.

I’m going to refer back to the win/win situation I wrote about yesterday. Some Company leaders often think in either/or terms and they think that if you’re nice then you’re not tough or if your voice is tender you can’t handle the pressure of the job. Little do they know though is that in order to be a part of the win/win team, you have to be nice, empathetic, confident, considerate, and sensitive and brave to be a successful leader. Stephen Covey says to find the balance between courage and consideration, you need to possess maturity. That word, maturity, completely lacked in the leadership in a recent employment opportunity. I say opportunity because there was opportunity, it was just unseen.

Bosses or managers, who want their staff to be the way THEY desire for them to be, create an atmosphere of “yes” employees. I recently became a “yes” employee and was quickly stripped of my values and was afraid to say “no.” I challenged a statement only to feel disloyal or insubordinate when I was not.stressed-at-work-200x194

We are not victorious when we belittle other people. In the business world, what does victory mean to you? Do you need to step back from your pile of paperwork and reevaluate your staff? Are you a win/win person by allowing each individual to be inventive and interactive or are you just pulling on the puppet strings? Are you saying “thank you, please and great job?” Just like junk food and never getting exercise can ruin an athlete’s condition; rudeness, hurtful micromanaging bosses who are never positive can breed a sense of dark self-worth in her employees.

I mistakenly went into a business where I was scripted by people; not principles. I allowed a company to rob me of my own circle of influence (God) to shape me into something I am not. I have however gained tremendous insight now into what I let go of; a dysfunctional behavior. Whew! Thank you God that you are bringing me back to a place of balance; reminding me of my sense of genuine compassion for the underdog; I’ve been there a time or two in life. You remind me that out of worry, out of fear and out of no more obligations to the unkind dysfunctional behavior, your light shines on me bringing me to a place of joy, restoration and healing.

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