Where is your “There”

running brook

Life was so much easier back then. I thought as you aged, life was supposed to fall perfectly into place. I thought as you aged all of the pieces of the financial puzzle, the love puzzle and security puzzle were all placed delicately into position. Believe me, changing diapers and potty training was simple compared to aging and having pieces of the puzzle still not in place.

We spend so much of our time on Earth running after or running from…When we want to be loved, we run from the pain of betrayal and fear. When we go after a job and it’s given to someone else we cower and run from other opportunities. I have been writing for years and my hunt to get my thoughts published may look like victory to others but I can easily put my confidence in what they are saying rather than my own self worth.

For the past couple of years, I have pictured in secret, imagining my life as being better somewhere else because I didn’t want to stay on the path I was on. Whether it was illness, financial or relationships, I wanted to go somewhere else…but where is that there? When I visit this picture in my mind I allow the enemy to twist my thoughts. I wait for a person to alleviate all of my numbness. I can retreat to a safe zone but I can’t stay there because God has me here not “there.”

If we hide our desires and actions with the life we have created then we are who we ar through those experiences we’ve endured. Again, we ca’t run after nor run from anything without forgiveness and more importantly without God’s direction. That doesn’t mean that our failures and unhappiness is a reason to hunt for something better, but make sure in that hunt you are holding the hand of Jesus.

How about you? Does your life right now feel like you are captive in a strange land? Remember the Israelites’ heartache…fear…dread…despair? They could do little to save their own lives from their situations. But God had a plan and arranged Ester to be in a place of influence, a place of trust. Esther was placed into the Kings harem but even in that relationship, the King was an impulsive alcoholic. I don’t believe she tried to run away from the past nor try to run ahead of the future. Her time was right there and now with God. She followed his sweet Victory plan and it happened because she persuaded the King to let the Jews defend themselves against the onslaught and they were victorious. Please read the book of Esther and you will see that she honored the goodness of God and the working of His Spirit in her life.

Where are you right now? Jobless? Destructive family relationships? Terminal illness? Spiritually dry? God has a mighty plan for each moment of each day. Psalm 103:2 says, “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.”

I am in a humbling mode, giving all of my faults and failures to God so that I don’t run from or run after anything without a clear direction. Lord, keep my eyes clear and ears open to what you might be teaching me through my circumstances. So often I want to run from the world around me but that would mean that I am letting the devil get the best of me. Encourage me God. I’m hungry and thirsty for You.living by grace Join us today as we discuss how we either run from or run after without God.


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