Hang On


letting go



There is a song that I love by Jeremy Camp entitled, I Will Walk by Faith and when it gets to the melody I start to bob and sway my head. This morning, I was bobbing and thinking about my faith. I personally think it’s a good thing to perform a faith check from time to time. Actually, when I really think about it, I think it’s important to do that often.

As I was bobbing my head this morning, looking out the window, I was thinking about my strife. I am for some reason right now meant to wrestle the earth, wood, clay, and marble into forms to seize the air into my own personal faith in Jesus. I am wrestling a lot lately with breaking down two words that are haunting my mind like a bad virus.

At church yesterday, I looked around at the arms outstretched and hands raised to the rhythms of God’s grace. The rhythms of worship were drawing souls closer. My arms, outstretched, realized that the soul within me was growing around the words causing me to grow closer. I dropped my wounds that have been replaying like a broken record. The passageways between what has been growing within me and what has radiated outward yesterday were dreams of truth and love.

Why do I shy away from surrender? Do I not know that I am merely floating around this earth allowing surrender to criticize me rather than comfort me? Ah yes, I do know. Have you ever been there?

If I may give advice, not that I am any kind of expert in life, I would not wait until later to refine the golden life that God has given you. If you could sum up to one word that you need to hold onto to right now, what would it be? Is it job, finance, brokenness, anger, or betrayal? Whatever it is, hold onto it. I know that is contrary to what we normally read. Give your cares and your burdens to God. Yes, I agree with that but I think we need to lean into the emotion that surrounds the word; then in its appointed time, we can then let it go. I want to make that very clear. God tells us to Let Go; Let God. But, how can you let go of something you have no idea of what it is burning within you?

What word is in your bag of words today? Study it! Confront it! Acknowledge it and surrender to it. Learn all you can from it. Let the emotions permeate throughout your body and then let it go. Give it to God and he will bless your willingness.

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