At a Loss for Words


As a writer, can I really ever be at a loss for words? My phrases and images literally come from God’s prompting. I think the art of writing for God means slowing down, listening and sometimes jotting down a phrase in mid-flight.

Words need to be clothed in phrases, phrases in sentences, sentences in paragraphs and so on. When I am caught up in writing, my spirit is at work verifying experiences that I’m prompted to share. One of the things I taught my kids when I home-schooled them years ago was to start your day with a journal. Write down your thoughts, prayers and images and to have fun with it. I do this every day.

Right now in life, I’m performing a balancing act. I am trying to write more, do less around the house, not work, spend time with friends and yet, I need to work. My emotions are balancing on my words. For it is surely a lifetime work, learning how to balance things as a woman. Now as I am taking time to regroup, the only real way I can hope to protect my feelings of euphoria is to write. I have unfinished dreams and desires that I need direction on; praying every moment for the next step to hit me in the face. If it does not, I might miss it because I sometimes don’t know how to follow my own advice.

Jotting down words is like entering into a warm home after a brisk windy walk. I settle in; my pages look at me as if to say, “fill me”… hum, funny thing is as I write I ask God to do the same thing, “Fill me.” Some people may look into a mirror and say that they don’t like what they see. I look into a mirror and see things that create words that well up feelings that get scratched onto paper. I have numerous life events to share and yet, that would mean I would have to dig into the low self-esteem bag, re-think of things that fell apart that I wished hadn’t and share them. But God has taken a whole lifetime of emotions and has turned them into a classroom for learning. Some days my plate is heaped high with words and expressions and I just can’t get them down fast enough. Will these words earn me a pay check? Oh a few paper goodies with dollar signs have trickled into my mail box a time or two, but how on earth do you make a living sharing your thoughts?

The easy way out to that answer is to say that you put it all in God’s hands and while I do agree with that, He also directs ours steps; we just have to follow.  Refuse to dwell on the negatives or to live in the land of regrets and if onlys. Be still and know that (he is) God, seek prayer support and counsel of other writers, Search for the truth that will be in your words, hang on to his promises and ask, “Lord, what are you trying to teach me?”

I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me. I will write with “all the strength and energy that God supplies, so that God will be glorified through Jesus Christ.” (1 Pet. 4:11) For all of you writers out there, Ask yourself, “When Jesus returns, what manuscript do you most want to lay at his feet?


One thought on “At a Loss for Words

  1. JudyDearing April 2, 2014 / 7:57 pm

    Your last sentence is so thought-provoking. I like your post.


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